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it happens often when movie passion
turns into real passion
07/24, 14:34:31

He has beady
Pigeyes. All the better to keep watch over his piggyslutts. 🐷
07/24, 14:25:13

Age gap may not be a bad thing.
Having kids is definitely not off the cards for him if he dates a much younger lady.
07/24, 13:53:39

His pigwhores
are the only ones down and out enough to pork him. He's filth.
07/24, 13:52:26

She should have
flashed her giant nipples and maybe they would have noticed her.
07/24, 13:51:01

i agree
she looked ordinary in russia. dont know why
07/24, 13:50:12

07/24, 13:43:36
I don't know why that made be burst out laughing, but it did.
07/24, 13:49:28

He has beady
Pigeyes. All the better to keep watch over his piggyslutts.
07/24, 13:49:20

Keanu would date
a fifteen year old publicly if it was legal. He keeps that online in hiding and safety.
07/24, 13:48:48

My assshole is off limits
to scummy diseased trashy wieners that I do not want or love anymore.
07/24, 13:47:59

21 year age difference.
Does Keanu really seem the type to date with a much younger lady?
07/24, 13:47:46

07/24, 13:38:06
She didn't stand out in Russia
07/24, 13:46:15

More sleazy, so the new girl suits him.
07/24, 13:45:27

07/24, 13:36:29
they share many interests
she reads a lot
she even sang in a band that sounded like Becky
if you read her Facebook you will see she loves the same punk music that Keanu loves to talk about
and i think she was starting to learn how to ride a bike i saw a picture of her dressed in bike gear
07/24, 13:43:55

ana looks like a
strong man, a warrior
07/24, 13:43:36

13:32:03 I doubt he comes here.
Keanu does google himself thought, to read his movie review, and uses youtube a lot.He also spends a lot of time emailing people very lengthy messages. I heard his emails are basically more like essays.
07/24, 13:41:53

That goddamn Keanu
Is sorta goofy looking.
07/24, 13:41:17

In your butthole
Is where he wants to be, jackin off with glee. In your butthole is where his slutwiener belongs, swelled up amongst the shitty mess.
07/24, 13:40:07

sushi pretty? where? | c8.alamy.com/comp/F32YY2/chiba-japan-28th-sep-2015-keanu-reeves-september-28-2015-tokyo-japan-F32YY2.jpg
she was plain, boring and so ordinary
ularu is 10 times more beautiful with a strong personality that is impossible to deny she stands out in a crowd
you all prefer sushi because she is older and you hate the idea of Keanu sleeping with someone so young lets be honest
07/24, 13:38:06

ugly or pretty
this woman reached to him. may be she is very interesting as a person?
07/24, 13:36:29

Same boots? idk.
I initially thought it was sushi because of the Loewe Knot handbag she wore at the Japanese airport.
07/24, 13:32:37

I do wonder if Keanu
does come here and read a little just a little , not interacting with anyone. I wonder what he must say to himself. LOL
07/24, 13:32:03

Smoking and Drinking
can age someone fast very fast. some skip over it for a few years and then it hits them.
do you ever see someone over the age of 30 that has smoked and drank for a while have nice skin and look healthy?
07/24, 13:31:12

07/24, 13:29:49

He is probably not
seeing Sushi but Sushi was a pretty woman.
this girl reeks of partying, drugs, drinking, of course smoking.
Keanu has been looking very healthy, if he is seeing her, his looks will go down again like he looked while he was with Sushi,
Sushi must have been a hard drinker (and yes a smoker) she ages considerably from the Sushi Park pics to the recent pic of her at the IGGY concert.
just an observation
and yes for some drinking and smoking can age someone very very fast. Keanu is lucky.. genetics.
07/24, 13:29:03

This Ana
is manly looking, smoking does not help her look at all, without make up she hideous, with it and doctored and photo shopped she looks pretty descent. her body is that of a 12 year old, her face can stop a clock. (sorry I agree)
she actually looks older than Keanu
07/24, 13:26:01

all I have to say is she is one
ugly girl. I am sorry, Sushi was much prettier

just saying
07/24, 13:24:09

Well It looks pretty short to me, not that straggly mess at Keanu's
07/24, 13:23:24

13:16:13 | www.instagram.com/p/BWu9jX2DzNy/?taken-by=anaularu&hl=en
you are so stupid and delusional
she herself said in her Instagram in the picture where you swear is short that she hasn't cut her hair since Siberia

"im_good_how_are_you: Loving the new look. It suits you. Thinking of you from far away"
"anaularu: @pinarobinson it is all YOUR doing, milady. Haven't meddled with it since Siberia."

but i guess we should believe your delusional retarded ass instead right?
07/24, 13:22:10

look at your post before
you make a comment about speaking proper English
you may want to rethink your dumbass non-English post. LOL

can't take it anymore
that 89 % of the hyenas here speaks proper English.
07/24, 13:18:52
07/24, 13:21:58

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