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Who's that?
07/24, 19:19:32

Is anyone gonna mention
that Catherine1967 is cray?
07/24, 18:49:59

How come there are no more
nice poems, lyrics or music?
Is it because I said it was dull?

I do miss them...
07/24, 18:18:48

whorish ways
By his own admission. For a booty call, I doubt he has any standards (not a knock on "Sushi" or Ana who has a great pair of legs, btw, if that is her in the picture). Can't characterize his type of a more "committed" relationship since those are far and few between, and none he has openly acknowledged.

As they say, two consenting adults...
07/24, 18:18:36

Still discussing her ,and the next woman same treatment lol,this conversation went on for two years about fishy woman. Someone even said Bo chased him and never caught, right she caught him. Just like this one did,maybe, he's not above screwing young girls young enough to be his daughter. He has whorish ways, but people jumping to love, sheesh he's looking for the exit route and next one. Then Autumn is back. And Ana seems very very slutish , I'm sure she could care less about being a piece for him.Have you seen her pics posted all over Internet.
07/24, 17:23:41

I don't blame
Anyone for doing that stuff, if I had the money for it sure as hell I would get everything done.
07/24, 16:52:03

07/24, 16:44:06
If he did, it's a damn good job. Contrast to the one that Depp clearly got with the distinctive hair plug tracks along his hair line.
07/24, 16:50:45

A hair transplant
07/24, 16:44:06

He would
Be distinguished with a receding hairline, like Christopher Plummer when he gets that age. Hope he decides to let it happen instead of the Cher thing.
07/24, 16:37:04

No shame
In the weave game. It happens
07/24, 16:35:13

Beweave it
Or not
07/24, 16:34:28

Pics? I can't register for any sites
07/24, 16:34:00

Keanu has
A weave
07/24, 16:33:24

talking very nice about him
I'd love to see the BTS of the two sparring.
07/24, 15:38:07

I know this to be a fact
I believe it, too. I once watched a round table discussion on Charlie Rose of doctors and pundits on the Time or Newsweek magazine feature article about women not being able to have it all, in the sense of a career and delayed parenthood. The fertility specialist noted the secret among the late pregnancies among the Hollywood actresses were they were getting donor eggs. And their pregnancies gave the false impression that these late pregnancies were routine and easy to conceive.

Fertility drops rapidly for women, starting from mid-30s. Though it's individual and some women can remain fertile enough to conceive in their late 40s, a lot of factors are involved including if she birthed much earlier in her life.

I'm more suspicious of fraternal twins among the celebrities as unaided by fertility treatments. Now, Roger Federer's wife with 2 sets of identical twins, I don't doubt that twins run in her family and it's genetics.

With Clooney's wife, it might not be age that was a hindrance but her body weight. She's very thin.
07/24, 15:36:24

it is so very entertaining
how the foreign youngsters repetitively fantasize about the 2 pics, meanwhile for about 36 hrs.
07/24, 15:32:43

07/24, 15:17:02
i would not count with that
other women have tried to kiss him in public and well he is not very into that lol

07/24, 15:31:47

Is everyone having fun?
07/24, 15:30:00

probably a big hug and a kiss in the
cheek saying goodbye
if they were making out they would be inside
we know he hates PDA now that he is old
07/24, 15:21:31

its a stong possibility that
he will come because of david. he usually dont go to charlize events
07/24, 15:19:30

love love love
may be next time we will see him kissing on the street like many people do
07/24, 15:17:02

i would bet that he has an invitation
david the director obviously sent tickets and charlize too since lately is been talking very nice about him but who knows if he feels like going maybe he has better things to do
07/24, 15:16:35

looks like they were kissing in front of the house
and then the bus arrived but he was still holding her. why not to do it inside is beyond me
07/24, 15:15:08

Are you Beth? Did you take the picture?
07/24, 15:09:57

to i wonder if Keanu is gonna appear
is he invited?
07/24, 15:09:10

What are you talking about?
07/24, 15:05:40

I saw the movie trailer in the theatre
for Atomic Blonde and other than the soundtrack does not seem good.
It's all dark in greys, dull looking no colours. And CT playing a cold character makes her look like a freezing cold biatch.
07/24, 15:02:57

Whose home did she wreck?
07/24, 14:57:51

today is atomic blonde
LA premier i wonder if Keanu is gonna appear and more important if he is gonna arrive with someone
07/24, 14:52:54

the next movie passion...?
07/24, 14:46:26

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