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to all you need to know about him being a gay man
stop your bs. he is most likely is in bed with his gf now. making babies
07/24, 22:33:20

Seth Myers ask
Charlize if she trained with keanu...she said she probably said that but she was probably lying. She said they ere both in the same place training. She said she loved him and that they were good friends. She mentioned that they had made two films together.

Charlize should tell you all you need to know about him being a gay man.

07/24, 22:31:34

and its common to blame
the victim.
07/24, 22:30:07

to It's a shame so many are more willing
my thoughts exactly. My mother was drinking and you know some people become kind when drunk and she turned into monster usually. These people are sick but torture to live with. One second you understand they are ill, the next you wanna kill them
07/24, 22:27:07

07/24, 22:21:44
To be clear, I wasn't directing my comments at the OP I replied to but the public reaction (i.e. gossip sites, etc.)
07/24, 22:23:28

07/24, 20:19:56
It's a shame so many are more willing to side with the bigger star than the less successful wife.

I mean, what are the odds an alcoholic can be physically abusive or threatening? Hmm... methinks it's not just Depp with this problem. Hope Depp does eventually get a handle of his addictions. Studios aren't going to keep throwing him money.
07/24, 22:21:44

It's her. his wife and father of her children
07/24, 21:40:15

LMAO you are so late
the last 20 pages are about those pictures
go back and read them
07/24, 21:26:38

O my god
I've just found he is not alone, Does anyone know who she is?
07/24, 21:22:24

07/24, 20:46:34
It's ok darling. You'll see.
07/24, 20:47:53

07/24, 20:42:52
You seem to be speaking to Keanu.
07/24, 20:46:58

No. You're delusional. Period. Good night.
07/24, 20:46:34

Is this the Iamnofool person saying they are taking him down, thought they had left. Why do people here pretend to know him, the tapistry says it all
07/24, 20:42:17

i hope you all realize
that the hag talking trash about keanu in here is mental
in her mind keanu was in love with her and spend his night spying her movements LMAO
she is angry and having meltdowns because reality hit her in the face now that pictures show him spending his free time with a younger college
she can't handle it so the st*pid b*tch comes here to cry
07/24, 20:39:03

Is irredeemable. People hurt you, you learn to lash out. There is a light behind the darkness. The rest is just people trying to make the world black and white. That's completely narrow minded. You just need to look with better eyes than that. Judgment is for the saints. Not one of you on this board have ever been nor ever will be one...including me.
07/24, 20:38:35

07/24, 20:33:43
Finally, someone who is honest and has a brain.
07/24, 20:35:21

That kind of talk is actionable. You should watch what you say.
07/24, 20:28:05

Because some view Keanu's roles in Knock Knock and Gen Um to be role that he chose to depict his true nature.

My point was that he said at that time that his choice in movie roles was based on the types of movies he was being offered.
07/24, 20:26:02

07/24, 20:19:31
I don't know how your answer relates to my comment.
07/24, 20:21:05

He told you that?
07/24, 20:20:53

Johnny Depp beat his wife. Keanu is not a woman beater.
JD is a compulsive liar and a drunk. He beat her, mentally abused her, and lied about abusing her, making her go through hell with the media and public making her out to be a gold digging liar, even though she had the proof. Bruises, texts, video, and now a confession from JD's assistant. She also gave her settlement money to a domestic violence cause, and that to me really speaks volumes to the fact she was telling the truth.
07/24, 20:19:56

That's not true. He said that he wasn't being offered big movies, so he had to take the little ones that were being offered to him.
07/24, 20:19:31

Keanu won't end up that way, but some of his fans might if they ever find out he's gay or if he marries a hot 28 year old.
07/24, 20:16:24

He can only be honest
through his films and we all can see what the themes of those films have been lately.
07/24, 20:14:34

Then don't. There are lyrics for honesty too.
07/24, 20:14:24

Keanu is going to end
up with a bottle of booze next to a noose because he can't live with himself and is too ashamed to let people see the real him.
07/24, 20:12:19

Some Youtuber. I think I have seen some of her Keanu music videos.
07/24, 20:06:03

He Is Ok
07/24, 20:03:24

Everybody loves and praises
Keanu until he appears to be snogging a young beautiful woman. Then the older female fans turn on him and attack his character. You don't need a degree in psychology to figure out what is going on here.
07/24, 20:02:34

Two consenting adults,
one a cheater the other a homewrecker. They both knew exactly what they were doing and what it looks like. Fuckk you both.
07/24, 19:43:07

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