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Having good looks, and being wealthy can often times get you into trouble
Rich people who don't work get bored.
Traveling the world must be a wonderful thing but knowing you can have anything you want at anytime must get boring after a while.
While a person works very hard and receives something they so wanted such as a car, nice vacation these people appreciate it more.

If a poor person because rich would they adjust better at being rich
Than a wealthy person becoming poor?
07/25, 07:16:50

Money can't
But everything.

Good true friends
Health (maybe short term)
Healthy relationships

Remember this
07/25, 07:12:52

If you're good looking
Wealthy and have common sense you can have freedom to do as you please. People that aren't have to struggle and do what others want, just to get by. How many people even have a job they love? How many work at one they hate?
07/25, 07:10:44

1) would you rather be rich and unhealthy?
2) or poor and healthy.

I know my answer.
07/25, 07:10:29

07/25, 07:09:22

And the relationship lasts 10 seconds
07/25, 07:08:14

It's not a fancy shirt
It's a buttoned shirt
Yes rehearsing
07/25, 06:59:50

to Poor you can work on that
aha. you need health, energy for that. at least. luck. and while you work days and nights your colleges will take an easy route going through relatives, friends, lovers. been there
07/25, 06:58:08

Being wealthy has its perks
You never have to worry about paying bills
But with more money comes more problems. Not all rich people are happy
If that were the case everyone would be rich.
07/25, 06:53:43

to no one is ugly
aha. one guy in 10 chooses an ugly girl. 9 guys in 10 choose pretty girl
07/25, 06:53:03

If beauty mattered
Then why was Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock been cheated on.
Look at Jlo and Charlize? They're all beautiful women. Its all about the fit, and chemistry sure physical attraction is part of it, but when people start to know each other they often find themselves attracted to the person not the way the person looks.
07/25, 06:51:26

to They were obviously rehearsing
rehearsing sex scenes? i thought actors rehearse in tshirts. In what way a fancy shirt helps in rehearsing?
07/25, 06:50:39

This is the best one I've heard yet

They were obviously rehearsing
He never wears shirts like that off hours
07/25, 06:46:17
07/25, 06:48:58

You're really uplifting
07/25, 06:47:44

being rich is def
easier than being poor
07/25, 06:47:17

Yes this is true. But some celebs find their significant other at work (on location etc just as in the case of Matt Damon) or hobbies or some other situation.
Chemistry and attraction are the key, just because someone is gorgeous and beautiful on the outside doesn't always mean they get the guy (or woman) beauty does fade, superficial and young people mostly don't think like this it takes a few years to finally realize this.
Having someone love you for you and all your flaws because everyone has them including Keanu he'd probably tell you the same thing. Lol
07/25, 06:46:37

no one is ugly
Poor you can work on that and unwanted you need to want and you will be wanted. Some people just create their own misery.
07/25, 06:46:19

They were obviously rehearsing
He never wears shirts like that off hours
07/25, 06:46:17

It's easier
Than being poor, ugly and unwanted.
07/25, 06:42:25

Of course they do, it is not easy for a man or woman to be beautiful, rich, and famous or just rich, if you think it is easy for these people think again.
07/25, 06:39:41

Like I said if your lucky who cares where he met her he married her and is happy
07/25, 06:38:14

Mod delete fool


07/25, 06:36:27

Matt Damon
found his wife at a bar (hobby)
07/25, 06:08:50

actors marry actresses
more often than non actresses. people usually find their couple at work or at hobbies
07/25, 06:08:10

I read an article on the weekend that
Rich single men are paranoid of women wanting them only for their money, and or trap them by getting pregnant so some get vasectomies.
It seems pretty sad to be a rich single man after I read the article.
I'll try and find it and post the link here.
It's funny because it also mentioned that it used to be the other way.
Men would look for women with a dowery to marry into money. Lol
Sick society.
07/25, 06:03:06

Lives his life the way he wants too. He does what he wants and when he wants, that is the perks of being single, same holds true for woman and this is at any age.

so what, he's been seen with many co stars been rumored to be with many women. He's a great catch and he knows women fall at his feet, he's not stupid by any means, he's human first and foremost, men especially rich, handsome celebrity men can tell the difference of a woman liking them for them or their stature. if you do not realize this than all of you are stupid.
this is the reason most celebrities marry or date other celebrities they do not have to worry about the gold diggers of the world.

if your lucky like Matt Damon's wife then great, also most celebrities who marry non-celebrities often have known their significant others before they made it big and they usually stick to that.
07/25, 05:52:41

that photo
Is old but if it was that ugly co star of his, did it ever occur to anyone that they went out and she crashed at his place? men and women can be just friends

the only people that would know exactly what happened are the people on the tour bus

pics can speak a thousand words
07/25, 05:47:46

They aren't together
07/25, 05:47:21

It's funny though to see FOOL
get pissy, and other women young and older (Keanu's age) getting jealous. it happens. every girl in America single wants Keanu. He's an eligible bachelor. He does what he wants.

he won't settle he will remain a bachelor he's doing what a normal rich good looking man would do
he's human
07/25, 05:45:45

07/25, 05:42:45

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