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If you say you're single publicly,
then you can go around saying they're all friends in public while telling each one of them privately that he loves them and only them.

Like I said, serial cheater. 07/25, 10:19:58
07/25, 10:28:53

07/25, 10:19:58
You've all been witness to this behavior in his past. I don't lie but Keanu does.
07/25, 10:27:54

a Casanova ?!

Hmmmm ummmmm no
07/25, 10:21:13

07/25, 10:11:00
You obviously don't know much about his private life.
07/25, 10:12:15

LOL you're apparently not one of them so don't worry about it
07/25, 10:11:00

07/25, 10:06:24
Yeah, he always says that so none of the women think the other is his girlfriend.
07/25, 10:09:58

He is

07/25, 10:06:24

FOOLs just pissy
Because it not her in the photo
Oh and it just got confirmed Keanu Hasn't been spying on her
07/25, 09:55:28

... and they lived happily ever after
07/25, 09:46:58

Settle down.
It was just an innocent picture.
Your imagination is your worst enemy.
07/25, 09:27:12

Is mad

Reality settled in huh there buttercup
07/25, 09:17:07

Tom Hanks cheated on his sick
Wife and with Rita Wilson there was never any infidelity
So No it's not about character
07/25, 08:08:28

And you have a lot to learn
07/25, 08:07:32

Wow you too have a lot to learn
07/25, 08:06:27

Wow you've got a lot to learn
07/25, 08:05:49

to Cheating is about character and nothing else.
agree. noone forces you to stay in marriage or relationship. why cheat? i think thats because some people consider it normal - to live with several people secretly. They just dont think of it as something bad. The best TV show about cheating I ve seen is Doctor Foster. Its brilliant if you ask me
07/25, 07:46:44

Here is the article I mentioned earlier | nationalpost.com/g00/life/relationships/in-defence-of-the-gold-digger-and-the-fight-for-class-economic-and-gender

In defence of the gold digger and the fight for class, economic and gender equality

Special to National Post
July 21, 2017 2:06 PM EDT
07/25, 07:38:58

Everybody's beautiful in their own way.
07/25, 07:37:56

07/25, 07:35:20
Cheating is about character and nothing else.
07/25, 07:36:39

isn't related to beauty or love, it's just about sex and passion nothing else.
07/25, 07:35:20

07/25, 07:26:04
Exactly. I see all these beauty products and accessories and I think to myself, "WTF?" Highligher? Brow gel? Beauty blender? That's a big nope.

The HBA and fashion industry tell you that you need to have pencil thin eyebrows and they will sell you special tweezers and shaping wax kits to achieve it.

Then they tell you to have thick eyebrows, and your eyebrows never grew back from all the plucking and waxing from before, so now they get to take your money by selling you eyebrow pencils, gels, crayons, etc.

Don't even bother. Guys could not care less about eyebrows and I don't believe any woman on the planet enjoys pulling hair out by the root near their eyes. Unless you are walking down a red carpet or a runway, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR EYEBROWS. Feel fortunate that you get to go through your daily life with a little mascara and tinted lip balm or nothing at all.
07/25, 07:33:58

Making someone laugh
To me is music to my ears. Laughter can take away pain and sorrow and worrying even if it lasts only 10 seconds.
It's those 10 seconds you forget everything.
I'm good at making people smile and laugh.
07/25, 07:28:09

07/25, 07:26:37

In NYC walking around sometimes you see an attractive man and an average looking woman or vise versa.
I often hear people comment "what are they doing with that person?"
It infuriates me.
I think it takes way too much time and energy to look "perfect" all the time. I'm average looking some say I'm very pretty but my motto is, " if you don't like what you see, don't look at it" LOL
07/25, 07:26:04

07/25, 07:10:44
Statistically, over 50% of people hate their job and another 30% don't hate their job, but they don't love it, either.
07/25, 07:24:38

I couldn't agree more
07/25, 07:22:13

And this is just me
If there was a beautiful rich man who wanted you to look perfect all the time
Be skinny and never gain weight (it happens people) act a certain way

Or a not so rich guy loving and wanting you just the way you are...

I know my answer
07/25, 07:21:12

Guys cheat on their beautiful
wives/girlfriends all the time.

Rob Lowe was considered to be one of the most beautiful men in Hollywood and he married his normal-looking makeup girl.

I forgot what other celebrity married his real estate agent.

Look around next time you go out. If you live anywhere other than L.A., most people you see will look average. There are very few people who are stratuspherically beautiful. Even the ones in Hollywood have a lot of professional help to look as good as they do. Google "celebrities without makeup" and you will see that external beauty is often an illusion.

I think people put way too much emphasis on external beauty. Being beautiful on the inside counts way more. Guys will cheat on beautiful women, but they will stick around for someone whom they love and find interesting and fun.

If you spend time and effort to read, expose yourself to new things, and volunteer, you will make yourself an interesting person. That makes you more attractive to men. And in the absence of a man, it gives you a more fulfilling life.
07/25, 07:21:10

And then there is
The rich person who tries to stay grounded and humble
Those are very few and far between
07/25, 07:18:58

If a poor
Person becomes rich.. correction
07/25, 07:17:52

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