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I just read the interview also
The reporter was a little aggressive with her Russia comments.
It was an interesting interview, i didn't know that contracts
with a manager can be so long, 32 years! Yikes.
05/18, 15:59:24

Like a Stone | url

05/18, 15:47:34

Russian magazine
interview at mr reeves site that interviewer was ridiculous
yet Keanu handled the answers with grace. I admire Kr
for this. or has a large Russian base of fans. Wth! was
the interviewer being negative about JW and the boogeyman
story that made the movie good and interesting and then
the treatment of he puppies?? who is that person!
Keanu handled it all very well

thanks to mr reeves site for the interview
05/18, 15:40:30

05/18, 14:05:14

Meth is worse
Because it gives users 1250 units of dopamine. Eating gives you 100, sex 200, coke 400. That's why heavy users can't stop. Deep depression sets in when it's stopped.
05/18, 13:13:11

any drug whether legal
or illegal creates dependency because it alters your brain and how
you function in the world. It's best to ween off them. You can never stop
any drug cold turkey including prescription drugs like pain killers
and anti depressants.
05/18, 13:10:08

I know a person
Online that got on meth and can't stop, despite being arrested and losing everything they go right back.
05/18, 13:09:16

Hard drugs
Will make users commit suicide. I've known many that got on prescription drugs and illegal hard drugs and offed themselves because they could not quit. Mostly they do it because their supply runs out.
05/18, 13:04:50

I do understand why people
committee suicide, very serious sadness and sometimes an addiction can cause it. If Cornell decided to do it, I hope he heard the good news before he killed himself...if he killed himself.

05/18, 12:54:40

Stupid fucker
Wanted to hang himself, and he did. Get over it , it was his life.
05/18, 12:50:42

At this point
it is obvious that Putin owns Trump and his family. Putin is a very dangerous man and Trump is afraid of him. Trump has done everything he can to tear our democracy apart. Trump is a traitor and he and his entourage should be in prison. All of that is very obvious, if you take a hard look.

05/18, 12:50:35

Will you jack me off
In a cup and drink it with a smile? 🙄
05/18, 12:49:27

Oh go fuckk yourself
in front of his family. You don't know the guy so who fucking cares?
05/18, 12:48:35

Chris' death.
I never knew who he was, but still very sad to hear. Chris eft behind a wife and sone sweet little children. I just read his and his wife's Twitter, researching who he was, and he seemed to be a very loving husband and father. Far too young to die. RIP Chris.
05/18, 12:46:51

It's the deleting
and screening that is driving it down, and the banger sisters.
05/18, 12:46:28

More than likely
Keanu getting old and his fans getting old helped kill the board. I also think that a lot of the ladies finally realized that Keanu is gay and they were only interested if he is straight. Also the persistent scat troll and Tra ce would turn anyone off.

05/18, 12:43:42

The mod
Is too stupid to moderate and Joffy doesn't give a shit as long as people pay.
05/18, 12:43:31

What's so
funny? What's that all about?
05/18, 12:43:24

05/18, 12:42:31

At least the floor
was open for argument. That's better that impotence.
05/18, 12:41:38

It was only
the sushi trolls that made it active before.
So it was not good before either.
05/18, 12:35:39

If anyone needs that last straw
to commit suicide, spend some time on this bored with these flaccid dildos.
05/18, 12:34:36

It's that goddamn Babe
and Mod's fault. As soon as she brought her snout back to this place, it's become lifeless.
05/18, 12:31:12

Void of fun.
It's all amateur obituary and opinion pages. I get way more substance from reading news sites. You all are dried up cows. Get it?
05/18, 12:29:50

This site is
way more boring now because of all the deletes and censuring. All we get is Ardith's fucking opinion pages.
05/18, 12:25:33

I think the mod
Is more of an imbecile.
05/18, 12:18:58

The mod is ruthless
and an asshole.
05/18, 11:58:28

old man
conservative, Lieberman to head up FBI! He is an old man! That is just crazy.

05/18, 11:40:06

what makes me hate Trump
even more is his childish attitude, insisting President Obama broke laws, when he didn't. Constantly acting as if Hillary broke all kinds of laws and she was investigated for many many months and she broke no laws!

Anyway his spoiled bratty child routine really makes me hate him with a furious fever. I wish his ball sack would be eaten by maggots.

05/18, 11:37:24

If Pence has lied
to the FBI...I would think he us in trouble.

05/18, 10:47:23

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