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Why would you care
How much or little sex Keanu Reeves has, Ardith? Shouldn't you care more about how much your having?
05/23, 14:50:10

Keanu | url
on passport control in Russia
05/23, 14:45:58

people are such sheep
you can see it when a crowd goes wild. Instead of standing still andcwaiting to see which move to make, they all start running like a herd of animals. If you haven't taught your kid how to think for themselves and how to react in a crowd, don't let them near a crowd.

05/23, 14:27:55

one thing I don't
understand, why do so many girls and woman scream when they are frightened? I never did get that. I don't scream except when I am angry and neither does my daughter, so no I don't get it. I don't even scream over a spider or a roach on me...which would be a foolish time when I might scream.

05/23, 14:21:08

this is a comment that I thought interesting...
"In general, people who have illegible signatures are secretive. You can see that in Hitler's. People whose first name and family name are far apart means the person doesn't feel close to the family. You can see that with Hitler, it's the opposite with Obama, who feels very close to his family.

The loops are emotional feelings and feelings of attachment and love towards others.

The jagged up and down, with no loops, is a sociopath. So two sociopaths married each other. One handwriting analysis even suggested that it was possible Melania was taught to write (more) like Trump.

I'm going with two sociopaths married each other, because it pretty much explains their entire marriage and Barron's issues. Two sociopaths marrying doesn't bode well for the kids."

05/23, 14:12:24

Because men aren't seen as anything more
than sexually aggressive intelligent primates.
Every emotion a man has is only allowed to be expressed in relation to this stereotype.

Pay attention to all MSM and you'll begin to see how the damsel in distress, knight in shining armor is played out continually.

Several of K's movies have that as an undercurrent in some scenes.
05/23, 13:56:04

Re Cloud
I told you all she is still obsessed. Some hopeful people thought Cloud had moved on from Keanu and/ or got mental help. She can't and will die hopefully of old age still "waiting for Keanu to come find her " And she is still a bigoted hater. Yea Trump is wonderful NOT lol. This board just got boring and filled with Trace so most here myself included have moved on . Although Ard never will . I hadn't been here since late August and nothing changes .
05/23, 13:53:51

He gets men
All the time.
05/23, 12:02:45

Adriana Grande is really famous now
I am not sure if it will help her career
05/23, 10:03:31

How do you know KR is
getting lots of sex?

I would think because he works far too much and doesn't get out much, it must be difficult for him to get much.
05/23, 09:38:27

RIP to those 22 victims of the Manchester terrorist attack
Targeting a place which you know will have many innocent children attending takes a really special type of evil, even for scum like Isis.
05/23, 09:36:05

oh please, tribute page?
it is a joke...why do you not understand that it is a joke?

05/23, 09:18:20

oh please, tribute page?
it is a joke...why do you not understand that it is a joke?

05/23, 09:18:20

I know the troll
here is something I am not familiar with, I have seen trolls before but somewhat different than this troll. Apparently this troll us wanting to close this board down. But why?

05/23, 09:15:07

the struggle is real
KR help
05/23, 09:13:49

keanu is fucked
on a regular basis I am quit sure of that, unless he is completely over sex, because he has had so much...but I find that hard to believe unless he is on medications.

05/23, 09:12:40

thanks again to
mr reeves site for the post
05/23, 09:12:02

why would the people killed
by JW a movie have a tribute??? JW was grieving the loss of his wife and the puppykilled
by the bad guys in the movie. why would their be a tribute to them???
makes no sense.who thought of this stupid idea??? it should be
cancelled completely by Keanu's people. cease and desist!
why are hey making JW look bad and the bad guys look good?
I donot understand . they postponed it in light of the terror
attack in Manchester. it should be completely cancelled.
why should his movie be involved in this In any way.
05/23, 09:11:09

Trump isca traitor
to his own country, don't mix apples and oranges. Trump is simple, ISIS is very complicated, something dumbbell Trump dies not understand.

05/23, 09:09:33

keanu worked for Disney
only once as far as I know. And Katzenberg, David Geffen's good friend...oked him for the job. It may have been has first Hollywood gig but filmed in Canada.

05/23, 09:07:11

he is looking so cute leaving
the gym. I get it and had a great morning lol love him
always really keanu always
05/23, 09:01:31

disney | url
05/23, 07:17:02

If anyone still hates Trump more than they hate ISIS, they have a mental problem. (I suspect ardith falls into this category.)
05/23, 05:41:06

.....there's your opened borders. How are they working out??!!
05/23, 05:03:54

Keanu has shot a million guns in a million movies...he would get practice with his stunt people, on set. Nasty guns, his new fun hobby...what a jerk.

05/22, 22:25:36

It's for
the movies Ardith.
I'm sure the men in the audience watching JW shooting
gives their d$ck a tickle or two.
05/22, 21:52:58

seems like
Jim Carry has been through a ton of therapy. He painted some great pictures...not so much for a house, I think they would look better in a business.

Keanu and his boyfriends going them bigger dicks I am sure.

05/22, 21:17:17

Now we're
05/22, 20:49:43

Sad day today
R.I.P. 💙🙏🏻 Ricky Hadey #KentuckyKid #RideOnMan 🤘🏻🏍
05/22, 19:11:20

Wow just read
About the explosion at Ariana Grande concert Peace and Prayers to everyone involved 🙏🏻💫✨
05/22, 19:10:03

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