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We don't want to hear truth,
we want to crucify it and twist it to make it fit our beliefs.
06/22, 12:16:48

The mod decided
To fuvkoff and get fucked in her butthole.
06/22, 12:15:37

We'll just call it crazy
so that we can encourage its dismissal because of insanity.
06/22, 12:15:27

We just won't
talk about it then. We'll just ignore and pretend it doesn't exist. Patterns, patterns.
06/22, 12:13:30

Keanu leaving for
NYC today?
06/22, 12:12:29

You're not going
to win the war of suppression lefties.
06/22, 12:10:35

Mod delete troll


06/22, 12:05:37

So what can we
say here? Just liess upon liess?
06/22, 12:03:05

Use them get deleted then
06/22, 11:55:52

06/22, 11:40:04

Needs to block and ban all the words FOOL and trace and troll use
06/22, 11:39:15

we can not
believe one thing thud orangatang says.

06/22, 11:36:19

lowlife orange fcker
admitted that he had no tapes of Comey. He was just threatening Comey and it backfired. The dumb fck does not understand when you threaten honest people, they don't back down. He knows nothing of honesty. ardith
06/22, 11:33:03

two of my post would
not post but did I ask you to put them back? I understand what you were doing and I agree but it needs to be more than one line.

06/22, 11:22:04

06/22, 11:17:49
People leave either way, others just need to learn to scroll past it, ignore and like bears - do not feed.
06/22, 11:19:59

Julia can be beautiful
when she smiles but she can also be down right ugly.

06/22, 11:19:06

Yes, put it back
the way it was Mod if that's even possible. Things have changed.
06/22, 11:18:36

to Ardith
I will put back the way it was.And good luck
I won`t be here reading complains when I only want is make the troll goes away

The Mod
06/22, 11:17:49

The spammer is usually one line of the same thing repeated
enjoyed road trip discussion but impossible with posts being deleted due 2 Captain Spammer
06/22, 11:15:56

Mod please read pepper spray for bears Y deleted?
I think it posted too fast? Due 2 error.
06/22, 11:13:11

give me a break!
I need at least 3 lines.

06/22, 11:11:08

the message was the normal conversation b4 captain spammer
arrived. Anyway to restore Mod?
06/22, 11:11:02

To Mod
I think we will need at least 5 lines for posting. One is not enough. Just a suggestion. Thanks.
06/22, 11:07:05

Really?! Clooney
Sold his tequila for one gazillion moolas. Really?! Julie Roberts most beautiful woman 2017 ??!
06/22, 10:57:34

This is Adele
06/22, 10:32:09

Who ?
Is it you Adele?
06/22, 10:30:00

is me
06/22, 10:13:51

wow, the nut case
is back. Maybe living on the internet is really not a great idea? You meet a lot it really crazy people. It is not nice to realize how infirm so many of us are.

06/22, 10:00:25

You are totally
Obsessed with Keanu
You spam about him continuously.

Tell us why you are so obsessed to the point of possession.
06/22, 09:58:38

My sister was tent camping
in Appalachia and a bear bit right through a cooler that they had lemonaid in. They just forgot it. They did not wake up and the bear came right through their sight.

A brutal rape is usually much different than a date rape. Some guys do not know that no means no.

I read a great book about a woman who was date raped, she got even herself but it took a lot of planning.

06/22, 09:56:23

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