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I thought maybe Diaz was sick
but I guess not. Any way, I am a fan of hers...I like most of her movies.

07/27, 13:45:07

Shut up ardickers
You old fucksock.
07/27, 13:44:50

Hum...Keanu is a gay man
not straight, not bi, he is gay.

If he fcks women at all, it is because he feels the need to beard and if possible, he would do it in public with the papparazzi present...that is how damn desperate he is to get a studio pic. By the way...other than J W, it will not happen.

07/27, 13:43:02

I'm going to clench
my assshole together really hard and pinch your diseased pecker off and launch it out of my butt down into your slutthole.
07/27, 13:40:19

Somebody probably
Was jackin off freely in her butthole and she's still recovering.
07/27, 13:40:06

Jackin off in butthole
Pushing big hard turd up inside your butthole really far too with my wiener right up the butthole and walk away forever drizzling my big slutwiener everywhere.
07/27, 13:18:10

Cameron Diaz has not worked in three
years...what the heck has happened? Why has she disappeared?

07/27, 13:07:47

I stop in
but it really is no fun in here for me. I wish it were fun, like it used to be. The board has changed but I have changed more.

07/27, 12:59:48

keanu would probably
love dickkk breath...assuming it was his dickkk.

07/27, 12:56:52

you so
nasty that even nasty Ard has given up coming here...
07/27, 12:56:29


07/27, 12:54:58

07/27, 12:52:42

Sounds like
You need purged after that dream.
07/27, 12:40:50

The other part of my dream,
I was driving a self driving car and Keanu was in the back seat on his phone ignoring me. He was talking to someone about a new role in something called Safety Net. Hmmm.

He was so holywood talking on the phone with this european and it was like he was desperate to find something because he needed something to occupy his time. He was willing to take anything.
07/27, 12:33:09

In my dream,
Keanu was doing an interview and he looked like Elvis when he was down and out and fucked up on drugs.
07/27, 12:29:15

Modildo is the bad person
along with Keanu's team.
07/27, 12:27:36

I had a horrible dream
about Keanu last night. Want to hear it?
07/27, 12:26:30

I'll leave him alone
when he gets his dicknose out of my assshole.
07/27, 12:25:58

I do remeber now Ard mentioned the good kisser in Chicago.
07/27, 12:14:03

Is full of shit about why they are looking to be in charge of the piggysluts to see if we can push it in further.
07/27, 12:09:43

I was just talking with Ardith about an old bar she used to go to. She knows who the good kissing business owner is.
07/27, 12:05:51

Cloud by design
Was Keanu jackin offy Reeves.
07/27, 12:05:29

I'll poop in your butthole
Then you poop it back into my butthole and I'll poop it back into your butthole and we'll keep doing it forever.
07/27, 12:03:47

Fool was
07/27, 11:46:13

Maybe I'm just
foolish for coming here...
07/27, 11:22:00

No I'm
07/27, 11:20:55

09:46:04. Fools conversations
With herself are deleted
Are you fool? You must be
07/27, 10:35:52

I was happy now I'm not
07/27, 09:48:26

To Mod
You are seriously pissing me off stop deleting my locked eyes post.
and my other posts that are just fine.
07/27, 09:46:04

I maybe sleep deprived but I'm a sharp cracker!!

You deleted my what are you talking about post
Re The good kisser business man.

Who is it?
Who are you talking about at
07/27, 08:55:25
07/27, 09:43:22

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