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Maniac never has any lines
Futile to be kind to her
She's an ugly unhappy lonely wretch
She wishes unto others
What she wants to do to herself
She's angry for others happiness
Because she won't ever be happy
08/20, 00:28:52

I'm not playing
any songs for you, take your fcking meds. You need help do you understand? Your accusations are one thing but to come in here and literally say kill yourself multiple times is another. That's disgusting.
08/20, 00:28:50

I've tried to
be nice to you you sick fcking b*tch but that's a line you don't cross
08/20, 00:25:03

Maniac still stinking up the place
Strange how easy it is to come here
It never changes
The names but there's always a Maniac
Always an Ardy
Always the chicklets
Maybe that is why it's easy
08/20, 00:23:51

Don't be
saying that sht you fcking psychopath. Go kill yourself? Really? That's how low you are going? There are people in this world who have lost loved ones to suicide and you are coming in here saying that sht just because you are a fcking delusional twit. Not okay. Consider your words before you say them.
08/20, 00:23:18

love Keanu Keanu is love Keanu is loved
08/20, 00:20:57

Really Keanu,
go kill yourself.
08/20, 00:20:26

To It seems ridiculous
What? You are a nut. It is not ridiculous. Falling in love and needing one another should be encouraged.
08/20, 00:16:12

No kidding
Rob was the one I just liked him
He's tall and goofy
He played like his soul was in it
He was with someone then
Yeah with every drink I feel wiser
I feel older Ardy
I feel really older
08/20, 00:15:33

He wasnt your
first choice are you kidding me?
08/20, 00:10:07

yeah, some guys
are too good looking, every girl and guy falls in love. It seems ridiculous but I guess it can't be helped.

You were very young then but you should have wised up, by now.

08/20, 00:08:14

Ardy must've went to bed
I wish I could sleep
08/20, 00:06:36

Why don't you
write a book about it blowhard. Seems to be the trend lately.
08/20, 00:05:05

He wasn't my first choice
I was aiming for Rob
Reeves was almost too good looking
But he was nice and fun
And it was a very long time ago
08/20, 00:01:23

Many years past I did
He was a cool guy in a band
It was easy to get an invite
I was young, wild and wanted to have fun
08/19, 23:52:23

Not taking your meds?
Hope you feel better soon
08/19, 23:49:01

Are you really
claiming to have hung out with Keanu
08/19, 23:47:28

IMO he used his status more when he was younger
When I met him he wasn't stuck up
He was quiet
Some maybe took that to be aloofness
But to hang out
He relaxed
He was just like all guys
Bad jokes and drinking
08/19, 23:38:52

did you
ever think that as stardom hit hard...maybe it went to his head? That is why I think he made so many mistakes with his career?

08/19, 23:29:56

Reeves can be mean as a rattlesnake
He was never that arrogant Ardy
Trump is in that ignorant mf'er category
Reeves isn't ignorant
He didn't suffer fools
08/19, 23:26:26

08/19, 23:24:02

I wouldn't think you would Ardy
But you know how some played
It may have been Charbonic but it wasn't Reeves
Thanks for outing me
No blending into the background for me
08/19, 23:19:12

in my opinion
Reeves was the bigger prick. If you could think about it, you would realize, Keanu was the one who acted like a jerk. Spoiled baby...he did a good imitation of Trump.

08/19, 23:14:08

Joe told
a little story about Chocolate tell it BG.

08/19, 23:10:35

feel nothing if you can for a little while...that would be good.

08/19, 23:08:54

I guess I will argue.
and you going out of your way to pretend that I would fall for a fakeanu? Please. I think you know me better that that

Eating pussey is one thing...getting hard for pussey is something different.

08/19, 23:07:07

Ardy I've no reason to lie
And you know that
But just forget I said anything
I just want to talk about nothing and feel nothing
08/19, 23:04:09

What about
08/19, 23:03:40

by the way BG
Joe knew who itcwas and keanu came on, roaring mad, telling him hevwas not suppose to come here. I am sure keanu took some kind of legal action against Joe...although he kept it quite. Of course the ladies here had no idea Joe was talking about heroin.

08/19, 23:02:56

Oh and
you can see IPs?
08/19, 23:01:23

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