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7/25 13:31:23
proof? or any explanation beyond that? i can say that i was born on mars but that doesnt make it true
07/25, 13:33:58

7/25 13:26:27
so give us your honest evaluation. i'm interested to see if it has any basis in reality.
07/25, 13:28:35

explain to me how keanu is worse than johnny depp when johnny depp is the one who beat up his wife. there's nothing wrong with keanu you are all just delusional sorry
07/25, 13:26:40

It's why I come
here to educate these fans about the real him and how low down and dirty he is.

They are in denial.
07/25, 13:20:52

whoever it is
her age does not matter, keanu usually dates younger women. where was the outrage when he was with hallie who is 24 years younger than him? get a grip
07/25, 13:12:49

Man if I was him
I'd be pulling some really fine young butt. Not fooling around with porno stars that screw for money.
07/25, 12:52:01

Ana just made another
porno with Keanu. They probably used footage from his house to put in the porn. He's so sleazy now that he's fuckking that.
07/25, 12:49:02

I saw Ana
In a porno movie and a guy had her up on a table fucking her in the pussycunthole.
07/25, 12:46:38

He's jackin off
Like mad in all available buttholes. Baby girl, that man nasty and walk drizzling his big slutwiener everywhere.
07/25, 12:44:51

I looked it up about signs and that isn't accurate, whatevs, I'm still sticking with that rule.
07/25, 12:28:22

07/25, 12:22:28

07/25, 12:20:57

if he thinks
he has never had head trauma, I really disagree. I bet he has had a few concussions.

07/25, 12:17:12

I'm gonna go
in there and fuckk shit up
07/25, 11:59:42

Oh that's the
poop version!
07/25, 11:57:34

Another | us20.chatzy.com/28138179362401
07/25, 11:54:34

This one might | www.wireclub.com/topics/shows,cheaters
07/25, 11:49:13

Here's another | www.altpenis.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=4384
I would like to discuss my tiny dickkkk with you ladies, but you get too easily offended
07/25, 11:46:54

Here's one | www.wireclub.com/topics/food,penis
07/25, 11:44:45

Repost from memory.
Keanu publicly says he's single so that when he's seen in public they all think the others are friends while in private he tells them individually they are his one and only.

This is serial cheater 101.

You have all been witness to this behavior in his past. Keanu is a liar.
07/25, 11:40:48

find a new
board i will follow, that one is almost dead.
07/25, 11:21:14

Tell us where
to chat when you find a place, we'll be there.
07/25, 11:20:58

I don`t know where
but we need to find, we like to chat, some people pay around $20, so let`s go for it
07/25, 10:55:55

Where...the only place I
know of is Topix and I have not posted on the keanu boards in ages.

07/25, 10:54:10

this board should be shut down
and we need to find a register place where we can chat without those trolls.
Don`t pay, we have 1 week to find another place where Trace , fool and the rest can`t post
07/25, 10:49:40

he was teaching the kids to hate
last night, hate America. He said really awful things and lied,lied, lied and lied to these kids. Kids don't think this burly assshole would get up there and lie to them, they are too innocent to know what a lowlife, criminal, racist he is. So disgusting. This is nothing like America, it is exactly like pre war Germany.

07/25, 10:40:43

In your mind you think you do
Reality you don't
07/25, 10:40:24

Neither do you. Lol
07/25, 10:37:43

You have to physically see him in person for this to happen FOOL 🙄🤔
07/25, 10:37:02

so I called
the BOY SCOUTS...so disgusted bat they had that piece of shot teach a bunch of kids about hatred.

07/25, 10:31:18

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