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It truly did have Chinese writing under your English. Your email name was a phone #. The area code was from Mexico.
05/19, 09:01:59

I guess their
life at times can be like a traveling salesman/person.
Like the movie Up in the Air with George Clooney.
05/19, 08:42:39

Is that the reason
why they straddle the films openings to other countries, so they can go and promote them?
It makes sense but I think most people in the world now have seen jW2 via the Internet.
It might have worked in the past but now everyone wants to see the movies as soon as they
are released and do.
It's good for the actors exposure to the foreign fans but for their movies don't know if it will
make much difference.
05/19, 08:39:52

We'll see
Him with the Sush again give it time
05/19, 08:20:18

Takes one to know one 😂
05/19, 08:18:55

He's going to japan
To promote John Wick 2 maybe he'll take Sushi again with him he did for the first JW
05/19, 08:17:57

Mod ain't here
you ornery cunthole. 😑
05/19, 08:17:38

05/19, 04:53:03
05/19, 07:34:58

05/19, 06:32:11

Re what is MGTOW
Men Going Thier Own Way

Reminds me of a Fleetwood Mac song....
05/19, 05:11:17

BMX is ridiculous
why expect your body to always do super human stuff...that is just crazy shit and I would not watch it.

05/19, 04:56:56

I think Bob is
right, if you have close relationships at some point they are going to hurt you, you get over it and move on but more than likely you have hurt someone without meaning to and they have hurt you. You don't sound like an adult.

05/19, 04:53:03

Is a MGTOW crowd?
05/19, 04:33:42

Bob marley
was wrong . not everybody hurts you. I've had unconditional
love in my life from a few people so I know that is not a true
statement. but it is hard to find. but there are people that
donot hurt you in life. I am proof of that
05/19, 03:59:17

Dave Mirra
Apparently like Junior Seau, he suffered brain damage from concussions sustained in his sports and succumbed to shooting himself.

An inordinate number of former NFL players who sustained concussions in their careers and developed brain damage had killed themselves. Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be football players. It ain't worth it.
05/19, 02:55:13

a guy has young children
Dave Mirra, who was one of the elite athletes in BMX and switched to hosting a MTV competitive show (but got replaced by another former BMX athlete), fatally shot himself in his car. He left behind a wife and young kid(s).

He apparently had suffered from chronic depression. Don't know if he had a steady, dependable job (since he lost the hosting MTV gig) but he was still involved with the BMX circuit.
05/19, 02:46:23

To Jennifer
What you described is too strange and scary for me to comprehend because the emails I wrote to you were absolutely in English. I think you might just have changed your mind after reading some post here. It's a pity but thank you anyway. You are the kindest and the only one here that intended to help.
05/18, 21:36:58

not Jean
but keanu is gay, I don't know any Jeans any more.

05/18, 20:09:54

he was friendly
with Jamie but there was nothing like an affair going on. Jean us gay, sorry that bothers you.

05/18, 20:08:30

It is hard
for me to believe that Cornell killed seems like when a guy has young children, they don't usually commit suicide, do they? Well maybe if they are broke and can't find a job?

05/18, 20:07:01

What happened to Jamie Clayton?
I thought they were a perfect match..
05/18, 19:33:41

Russians are known
to be major cocksuckers so not surprised at the rudeness. Why again is Keanu going to Russia and promoting these people? Is he friends with Steven Seagal.
05/18, 18:10:42

Is banned?
05/18, 17:03:56

Rock stars
Drug addiction, those words are banned ?
05/18, 17:02:55

Truth is everybody is going to hurt you
you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for

Bob Marley
05/18, 16:51:18

Some people just
like going against the "norm". It's their prerogative.
05/18, 16:51:16

I think they're just sick of the way they're
treated in society. When you think about it, they're not really wrong just take a look around and it becomes easily seen. I know that isn't going to be popular with some people on here but it's the truth. Double standards cut both ways.

The subjugation of one sex causes the oppression of the other.

It's a vicious cycle and should stop but how; who knows??
05/18, 16:44:53

RIP Chris
Yeah it's shoc k ing even though pre mature deaths among ro ck sta rs are all too common, especially with a history of dr ug add* ct!ons. Truth be told, I wasn't surprised by Whit ney's death because she still seemed off her ro ckers and obviously still abu sing dr ugs. With Chris, not that I follow him closely, but what I saw he seemed to have gotten his act together and was grounded (just goes to show we, I don't see all that there is).

Boy, the 50s seem to be the proverbial "Death Zone" equivalent of Mt. Everest.

On another surprise but not too much is Aile's death. Then again with his clearly unhealthy condition, it was only a matter of time that was short. Ardith must be dancing at least with her little toe before she reads Trump keels over.

P.S. It would be nice if this board highlighted which damned word is banned, especially when inoffensive words get banned by the mod willy nilly
05/18, 16:38:56

I wish
Keanu would follow me or appear out of nowhere.
I would love to talk to him in person
05/18, 16:28:01

yes I didnot know
contacts could be so long either. 32 years. great interview
by Keanu as always
he handled it all well and with grace.
05/18, 16:26:35

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