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DaddieO says
you can see the unicorn cumming on your ASSHOLEE and cunthole around his big slutwiener going in and out of the assholee available for all of the pigsluts to see going in and out of the customer delightful. 🤠🐖😄🦄
05/19, 17:22:41

I can't imagine being this delusional & mentally challenged so so sad 🙄

You do not
know how to love a woman.

Back OFF...


You do not know how to TOUCH, either...
05/19, 16:57:44



05/19, 16:55:56

You smell me
like an animal. You smell. You smell and it goes on... You make me feel your lips on Mine. Your lips do not taste good, either. Whatever you do to ME, it does not WORK, anymore.

You know why?

YOU KEEP me FOR yourself for YEARS.

That is why.

Otherwise, I would still be LOVING YOU.

I would never mind you are a hacker.

Back OFF...

Why do you follow me and WATCH ME?

What do you LOOK on me?

I do not want YOU.

Sai.nt Claire
05/19, 16:41:49

You do not
know how to love a woman.

Back OFF...


You do not know how to TOUCH, either...
05/19, 16:38:45

Why do u smell
me like an ANIMAL?
05/19, 16:37:46

of course it
is disgusting but humans put evil people in charge, we get what we vote for in many cases.

It was very obvious that Trump was evil, yet assholes voted for him.

05/19, 16:36:51

This is terrible | url
just saw it on twitter
05/19, 15:53:24

So so true! Words vs. action.... action is showing the truth.
05/19, 15:51:31

some rain, 5 days in a row.
It does not take much to make me happy.

05/19, 13:28:33

Why every man does not
sign up for a vasectomy, I don't know, especially basketball and football players...they are very short sighted. Why didn't keanu get a vasectomy instead of supposedly getting Jennifer pregnant? Men should ask for better birth control, that is for sure.

05/19, 12:51:05

Didn't mean that just celebrating
05/19, 12:33:02

That's nice.
05/19, 12:28:58

05/19, 11:27:45
glad it helped
05/19, 11:34:33

To went both ways
That's how I would take that too.
05/19, 11:26:20

The manist group
should wear dickhats and erect dickkk shaped podiums.
05/19, 11:26:17

RE - do you know what hurts?
did they say they love you and didn't show affection and support to back it up? Is that what you mean?
If yes, maybe they are a lazy lover, they say they love you only so that you don't leave them for being a lousy lover....
05/19, 11:19:53

The 'love you' went
both ways but they never followed through with anything. I only take that as they didn't mean it.
05/19, 11:18:25

RE question - that men have no reproductive rights.
What rights would they like?
Just like feminists form groups and state what they want, men should form groups and tell the world what it is they want.

Do they want better birth control? Rights to whether a child that is theirs gets aborted or not by the mother? The right to take the baby and raise it if the mother does not want it?
They need a platform and speak out.
05/19, 11:15:13

05/19, 11:07:39
Thanks but I didn't say the same I said equal and you make a good point.
Equal and same are different things by my definition.

Anyway on your point do you mean to say men don't need any reproductive rights or just that those rights would be different?
05/19, 11:13:24

@ ADA's bday is today
not the what you think they'll be doing 😉
05/19, 11:08:43

To Mark
Men don`t get pregnant , men don`t give birth, don`t breastfeed.
Women pay the price for give birth in a men world.
The big reason men and women are not the same in every way.
05/19, 11:07:39

To do you know what hurts?
Did they give you some reason to believe that telling them you loved them would be recipracated (sp)? Thats the real fear of telling someone you love them. It's never saying the words I Love You its the response we're afraid of.
05/19, 11:05:25

05/19, 03:59:17
There's no way you've lived for any amount of time in this life and not experienced hurt on some level. Unless you're ignorant. And in this case Cloud, you've given no reason to think of you otherwise.
05/19, 10:59:34

My home,
my rules.
05/19, 10:57:48

My name is Mark and I was just asked a question by my
son about feminism and need a woman's perspective to answer it. I've always taught him feminism is belief that men and women are equal in every way. He seemed ok with that answer except. Now he wants to know why feminist fight so hard for women's reproductive rights and not one has spoken about the fact that men have no reproductive rights. I'm sure someone somewhere will be able to help answer this. Can anyone help with an answer? The last thing I want is an MRA group to manipulate him into thinking their way of thinking is correct.
05/19, 10:55:04

Do you know what is hurtful?
When someone says they love you and do nothing about it. What's the point then of telling them?
05/19, 10:53:59

Today is ADA's birthday
Maybe Bojo, Keanu and ADA will do something
05/19, 10:37:14

It's the expectations
each has for the other that sometimes gets feelings hurt.
It's better not to have too many expectations.
Like for instance if they have a lot on their mind and forget your birthday or anniversary.
If you expect them to be home but they go out without you often
to socialize. It's better to work those things out at the start.
If you expect them to have eyes only for you but catch them looking
often at others. You need mutual respect and manners, just because you are
together does not mean you forget or get lazy with your respect and manners
for your significant other. Once these things slide so does the relationship.
05/19, 10:02:11

People in love
Do often hurt each other, but it's not intentional. That's why relationships take the work of 2 people. You work out the issues to have 1 great working loving relationship.
05/19, 09:06:22

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