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i will believe it
when i see it
07/25, 14:25:10

when i see it
in the papers that he's being taken to court for these charges i might believe this fantastical story but until then i maintain my belief hat keanu is a regular nice guy and you need professional help. sorry
07/25, 14:15:26

7/25 14:05:57
lol you think it's keanu talking about "charges are pending" and all that?
07/25, 14:10:36

07/25, 14:09:05
I have his private investigator, house staff, drivers, and my very own friend. The house is evidence, files he keeps on me if he hasn't destroyed them yet. I'm sure there's more I'm not thinking about.
07/25, 14:10:36

7/25 14:06:36
yeah i can totally imagine myself sitting in court like, "the charges being brought against you are because you were asking questions on an internet message board" i like keanu and i'm just defending him and being curious. screw off. you have nothing.
07/25, 14:09:05

07/25, 14:06:57
Yes way. He's at least not pulling a Cosby. At least I don't think he's done anything like that.
07/25, 14:08:18

I can see
him enjoying power and maybe being a jerk but he's not insane enough to do the things you are claiming. no way.
07/25, 14:06:57

emphasis on external beauty
It boggles the mind the billions of revenues the beauty industry makes from that mentality and women's insecurities.
07/25, 14:06:36

That's probably
07/25, 14:05:57

7/25 14:01:16
monitored by whom? and for what reason?
07/25, 14:05:01

Maybe he's jus a monster.
That makes perfect sense.
07/25, 14:04:17

7/25 13:59:44
it seems to me he has no reason to do anything of the sort to you, your story makes no sense
07/25, 14:02:17

Maybe it's a sick
form of entertainment to him to play with women's emotions. He likes control and power.
07/25, 14:01:39

7/25 13:57:14
who is being monitored?
07/25, 13:58:12

I haven't checked the
title on the house, he probably didn't have it in his name, but I'm sure there are dna samples of his presence there.
07/25, 13:57:47

7/25 13:54:37
are you the one who said he wanted to make you fall out of love with him and smear your face in it? if he wanted to do that why would he spy on you? he could just tell you to f*ck off or have sex with your sister or something if he wanted to accomplish that
07/25, 13:56:57

No, I'm not an ex.
I'm a girl he spied on.
07/25, 13:54:37

07/25, 13:51:32
He had professional help. I can identify them. He hired people to live in the house and spy on me.
07/25, 13:53:47

7/25 13:52:33
so you are an ex of his? is that what you're saying?
07/25, 13:53:37

That's how much
of a sadistic assshole he is. He wanted to smear my face in it. Now I'm going to smear his.
07/25, 13:52:33

beyond vague accusations
I've noticed a lot of the delusional fans are always sketchy with the details. It's like liars (I know same difference) have to keep it simple or get tangled in their lies.
07/25, 13:52:21

7/25 13:44:20
I have a hard time believing that a 53 year old actor would be good enough with computers to hack into anyone's camera
07/25, 13:51:32

07/25, 13:47:49
He can eat his heart out on whatever comes his way, he needs to make a decision on if he's going to confess to save his team or if they all get forced to confess.
07/25, 13:50:21

IF anyone spied on you
why do you think it was him?
07/25, 13:49:30

07/25, 13:44:53
I'd like to ask him that too. I'd like to know who else he's done it to.
07/25, 13:46:30

i'd be glad
to let keanu spy on me but the fact is he doesn't have time for that and he also would never do that creepy shit
07/25, 13:46:09

keanureevesgossip.chatango.com | keanureevesgossip.chatango.com/
I love this board but the spamming and trolling sometimes is too much
if anyone wants to chat in a place troll free:


everyone is welcome
07/25, 13:37:31

See, I have facts
and witnesses behind my story. All you girls have are generic interviews and image making to base your beliefs on.
07/25, 13:36:48

7/25 13:34:17
but how is it that you know these things as fact? i'm really very curious because everything i know about keanu says he is a kind person
07/25, 13:36:32

07/25, 13:28:35
He's a control freak, peeping tom, cheater and liar.

He takes advantage of people around him and drags them into his messes.

He doesn't take responsibility for his fuckups. He won't come clean because he's a selfish prick of a man.
07/25, 13:34:17

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