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Don't come Here Often...
But when I do
I leave a Clue
Hopeful, it will get
To the right One
For when our eyes
Meet I knew and
So did You
That this was special.
Over the Years
We've been around
Each other so my
Presence is not strange.
Take a leap of Faith
You Know the Way.
05/19, 22:49:41

Needing to Know.
I let Time Pass
Thinking it would
Change my Mind
And Help Me to
Forget You
But it hasn't!
You are still with Me
And I can't Forget You!
Almost 16 Years Since
I First saw You and
My Life has forever changed.
Life goes On but
An empty space remains.
Questions continue
The not knowing remains
05/19, 22:38:47

05/19, 22:24:11
Um, Really? I Know You Are Not Me!
05/19, 22:36:02

You know Who I Am...
You know I like You
So the wait has been long
And the Years have Passed
But I still think about You
And you can Reach Me
If You Try.
Don't Let more Time pass
Without knowing the Truth.
Aren't You Curious
To know the Answer?
I know I Am!
05/19, 22:24:11

This | url
man is very loco
05/19, 22:05:31

men's reproductive rights continued
As for men's reproductive rights, hey, as Ardith mentioned, there's always vasectomies or condoms. Men aren't completely without options. What's more debatable is when the woman chooses not to carry a fetus while the man wants the birth of the child. I'm afraid that's something the man should have chosen his partner more wisely or more in sync of their wishes on children or not. Otherwise, it's the woman's body. She carries the risks and the burdens of the pregnancy.

See, not everything is equal in nature.
05/19, 20:57:45

men and women are equal in every way
As a feminist (albeit maybe not orthodox), I don't see it that way. To me, feminism isn't about ignoring the differences between men and women. After all and as you've alluded, women are the ones who have to carry a fetus for 9 months or so. There are a lot of ramifications to that reproduction beyond the increased health risks including gestational diabetes (in the past and still to certain extent, birthing can result in death). And like it or not, women are still the major bearer of caring for children even when she works. That's not to say that men haven't stepped up in this area but as a whole, the caregiving falls on the mother.

That's the major obvious difference which with the decreased birthing rate by choice, it's becoming less relevant for both men and women.

I'd say instead that feminism advocates equal opportunities in jobs and most especially pay where it still lags far behind no matter the similarity of profession and experience. Maybe for me and not an agenda of feminism, women shouldn't be objectified into solely sexual beings. There is rampant and under-reported sexual harassment and abuse that occurs systemically. Fox News has been the latest prominent case of not only the head honcho at Fox News forcing himself on female colleagues/subordinates but there is a work culture that turns a blind eye to such offenses, if not outright personally attacking the victim as her former colleagues questioned her credibility and sided with Ailes.

Sexual abuse is still very much a problem in the work place, military and college campuses.

Martin Luther King, Jr. preached about the character of a person and not the color (more broadly the outer appearances). I would extend that to not only racial equality but to feminism. Women should be viewed by that character and individual abilities and not as some play thing or servant or sexual object to paw at (talking about Trump and his ilk).
05/19, 20:56:46

Lol no you're the one that's confused if that's how you want to put it (nicely)
05/19, 20:11:42

19:14:05 /19:41:03
Takes one to know one

Just saying
05/19, 20:09:32

See ya...
05/19, 20:03:39

Yeah go away
Do something useful.
05/19, 19:57:49

Would it be better for me to stop posting here?
Am I creating more confusion?
05/19, 19:49:51

05/19, 19:42:27

LOL! Gives you a warm, cozy feeling...doesn't it? 😉
05/19, 19:40:54

Slopcunt mod
Is a moronic dumbass.
05/19, 19:14:05

Watch what you say about witchcraft and witches!!!!. Suzanne
05/19, 19:08:21

but whoaaaa mmmm
05/19, 18:57:15

it feels like home..
05/19, 18:56:33

Fuckk you witch.
Go let Ardith stuff your slutthole.
05/19, 18:52:11

The conversation is still lovely here (that was said with sarcasm)... Suzanne
05/19, 18:35:10

Hi Ardith
From Suzanne!!
05/19, 18:32:39

Still jealous because you won't ever be one of them
Keep bitching about daddies women he doesn't & I'm sure they don't give a rats either what you say jealous TrCe
You're still entertaining!
05/19, 18:31:41

Someone explain this post
Wtf goes through this one's mind. Hmmmm

Slopcunt mod
Went to bed wearing a cuntrag on her head.🦍🐖🐴🐄
05/19, 17:23:51
05/19, 18:29:46

You do realize
17:50:39 is talking to itself at 18:06:02 🤔😳🙄
05/19, 18:28:09




ITS so delusional & mentally challenged sad hope IT gets help soon
Thanks for the deletion
05/19, 18:27:00

daddyo. noun. Man; old guy; GUY Used in addressing men, sometimes older men, respectfully and amiably. An older male patron, esp of a young woman; sugar daddyo: like a young beauty swept out of a small town.
05/19, 18:16:40

wondered how Daddieo could dress so well, drive a BMW and keep cash if he wasn't selling drugs.
05/19, 18:13:42

Shut up
Saintly is sucking my slutwiener off.
05/19, 18:06:02

You still here?
05/19, 17:50:39

Slopcunt mod
Went to bed wearing a cuntrag on her head.🦍🐖🐴🐄
05/19, 17:23:51

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