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05/20, 13:05:24

On March 30, Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking
vote to pass a bill that puts family planning access at risk for 4 million low income women across the country.

And now, because of Mike Pence, anti-choice politicians are emboldened to try to block clinics that provide birth control and abortion services from receiving Title X funding.

We're fighting to stop these attacks—and now you can make a donation in Mike Pence's name to help save access to contraception for millions of poor women.

Will you make a donation to NARAL Pro-Choice America in Mike Pence's name to stand up for access to birth control? We'll notify him on your behalf that you donated in his "honor."

Title X is the only source of federal funds solely dedicated to family planning health care. Planned Parenthood and its affiliates use nearly $60 million a year from this provision to help women receive birth control, Pap smears, and other essential services.1

President Obama created a provision in Title X protecting that money in states like Arkansas, which bars federal funding from going to family planning clinics that also perform abortions. Obama's rule kept states' hands off of the money from Title X to women needing health care.2

And before Vice President Pence showed up to break the tie, Senate Republicans were on the verge of losing their effort to roll back these protections. With Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins voting against the bill, it was a 50-50 tie, one vote short of passage.

Then, Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote to pass the bill—putting access to contraception at risk for millions of poor women.

Now the fight moves to the states, and there's no better way to stand up to defend the Title X family planning program than to make a donation to NARAL in Mike Pence's name.

Will you make a donation to NARAL Pro-Choice America in Mike Pence's name to stand up for access to birth control? We'll notify him on your behalf that you donated in his "honor."

Thank you for helping to make reproductive freedom real for all women.

Ilyse Hogue
President, NARAL Pro-Choice America
05/20, 12:58:41

Mod delete

Please and thanks!
05/20, 12:42:53

Hi Cloud!
Where do you get your Keanu info from, which fansite?
Thank you!
05/20, 12:37:52

So, does Keanu wear
a wig? I didn't think so but now I am wondering.

05/20, 12:37:01

Ardith should be deleted
along with Suzanne. Begin the witch hunt.
05/20, 12:32:36

Mod delete

05/20, 12:24:05

I meant postings
22:24:11 to 23:18:30 re: romantic postings and ending up together.
05/20, 12:22:10

Trump strikes again.
"The State Department has approved resuming arms sales to Saudi Arabia previously blocked by Barack Obama.

A multi-million dollar technology for Riyadh was blocked by the former President during the final months of his administration over human rights concerns."

05/20, 12:02:08

Trump strikes again.
"The State Department has approved resuming arms sales to Saudi Arabia previously blocked by Barack Obama.

A multi-million dollar technology for Riyadh was blocked by the former President during the final months of his administration over human rights concerns."

05/20, 12:02:08

re: what ardith said about - fun to have an obsession
it is as long as you are not consumed by it.
That goes for love and Work!!
05/20, 11:28:50

you remembered what i said about the pajamas!
or non pajamas...
05/20, 11:27:12

Did you move Cloud?
05/20, 11:08:08

I love a kace wedding dress
mine had a lot of lace.

05/20, 11:07:09

but she refuses
to tell us we were right about Trump.

I feel sorry that she had to give up on her dream but it is all part of getting well, you can't get around it. But it is fun to have an obsession.

05/20, 10:54:38

Those postings
For that that someone special are very romantic and playful.... I hope you find each other! After so many years you deserve to be together!!!
05/20, 10:40:05

Come to the mailbox, I'm here (Part 5) ...
Now, here is a song Bu played on Monday, April 17th. Yes, I know it’s a long time ago. I was going to pick it then, but I didn’t feel like coming here. My pick is ... “The Continental”, by The Dovells.

Here are the lyrics:

“Hey, diddily da
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Come on and make a line
Continental, continental.

Hey, diddily dee
Aw, yeah, you're looking fine
Continental, continental.

Come on, let's go
It's continental time
Continental, continental.

Hey, diddily doo
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
This dance is all brand new
Continental, continental.

Hey, diddily doo
Aha, it's such a ball to do
Continental, continental.

I'll do the new
Continental with you
Continental, continental.

Ah, now a swim like a fish
With the dear old lady twist
Now slide, take a ride
But you keep it nice and tight.

Ah, go left (bop bop)
Ah, go right (bop bop)
But, baby, continental
All night, yeah, yeah.

Hey, diddily dee
Shuffle the line with me
Continental, continental.

Ah, girl, do the new
Continental with me
Continental, continental.

Ah, continental, baby
Continental, continental ...”

Oh-Kea, that is all for now; Bee “C”-in ya!!! (Deep in my heart I know that, now and forever, Keanu is the only man for me.)
ILY - 2

Showering Keanu with MUCH love and affection
(raining purely from my heart) ...

((( Cloud 99 )))

05/20, 08:39:57

Come to the mailbox, I'm here (Part 4) ...
TO: Keanu looks ...
Perhaps he was in character? I love to see him smiling and happy!!!

TO: What does ...
Well, I want to have both at once. For me, there is no other way.

TO: If you ...
Yes, if you are in love, you will want to be together.

TO: Loving someone ...
I only want true love.

TO: I think ...
I have felt true love and it knocked me out, so to speak!!! (My problem is that it was with a famous actor, not a regular guy.)

TO: It’s ...
I have interacted. That is why I felt it. (There would be no other way.)

TO: Brenda Russell ...
There is something I like about these lyrics.

TO: Best regards ...
Because of Helen, I started watching this show and really loving the dinner scenes.

TO: Where is ...
I am glad you missed me. However, no demands, please. Only loving kindness will be accepted.

TO: Eye ...
Yes, this is true. Without a doubt, that is certainly me!!! ((( Heart Smiles )))

TO: You know ...
I know what you mean.

TO: Don’t come ...
I like this one, too!!!

TO: Don’t be ...
Not too bad, either.

(To be continued in Part 5 ...)

((( Cloud 99 ))) 
05/20, 08:38:38

Come to the mailbox, I'm here (Part 3) ...
TO: Cloud does ...
Very little anymore. I am only myself.

TO: Keanu is ...
Yes, I know this.

TO: A L ...
Yes, I have always loved this quote!!!

TO: 28:56:09 ...
I am not communicating with anyone here, except to those that I answer with my “letters”. Once in a while, however, I say something directly to Keanu just to get it out of my system. Of course, I do not expect him to read it. It just feels good to get it out, that’s all. Lately, I have had nothing to say, so I have said nothing. Sometimes, this is best. Less can be more, you know?

TO: I will ...
Yes, this would certainly make sense, wouldn’t it? In fact, Bu played this song the other day. (And I loved it!!!) I am still listening to Bu.

TO: Keanu doesn’t ...
The soul is more important, of course!!! (And, so is the soul’s mate.)

TO: The return ...
I was not here.

TO: The actress ...
Nice thoughts!!!

TO: * ...
I like this!!! Perhaps I should read this book? (I know Kate’s mother has read it.) At this time, however, I am enjoying “Lost December”, by Richard Paul Evans. (I have read and enjoyed all three of his “mistletoe” books, by the way!!!)

TO: Do you ...
I don’t want John to die in that world. He deserves better; peace of mind and forgiveness. I still hope he goes to Jerusalem to find his better self.

TO: Keanu ...
I hope he does!!!

TO: Uh oh ...
No, I have not cheated on Keanu. At this time, there is no other man in my heart who could possible be my soulmate. (I am very picky.)

TO: Did anyone ...
Yes, I went to church on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. My church at Easter is an EXTREMELY joyful uplifting place to be!!! (I go to church every Sunday, too.)

TO: (no header) ...
This is true.

(To be continued in Part 4 ...)

((( Cloud 99 ))) 
05/20, 08:36:27

Come to the mailbox, I'm here (Part 2) ...
TO: Cloud doesn’t ...
I have been told many times to cut back (by those on this board), so I have only posted a few times this year. (The last time was March 20th.) Also, my work hours have changed, so it is impossible for me to come here as much. The times I have peeked in, I realized I didn’t really want to be here anyway. (This was soon after hearing Bu play “Piggies”, by The Beatles, and when the board turned into “Animal Farm”.) Also, I have realized that Keanu really doesn’t want to meet me, so I am trying to let him go. (All his smiles seem to belong to his work and his motorcycle business. I would need most of them to belong to me.) Nothing has changed for me, however, in how I feel about him. I am still in love with him and I regard our times together to be the most precious in my life!!! Now, I am trying to spend more time away from TV and the computer and enjoy nature and all that’s nice. (Although I must say, I am going to watch The Preakness on TV today because there is a horse whose name that I like!!!) Anyway, I am not interested in anyone else because my heart still belongs to Keanu. Yes, this is true. It is also why on one particular day, within the next 365, I will still go to the clock and wait at one specific hour. Yes, I will still do this, at least, the next time it rolls around. (Hopefully, I can get off from work on that day? If not, I will have to move it to the following Sunday at the same time as in years past. Sunday is the only day when I am sure I can be off.)

(To be continued in Part 3 ...)

((( Cloud 99 ))) 
05/20, 08:33:20

Come to the mailbox, I'm here (Part 1) ...
Just dropping in to post because, finally, I felt like doing so ...

That is, I read the Russian article and I LOVE what Keanu says about forgiveness and haikus!!! He is very honest and open and I love that he feels this way!!! Also, I didn’t know he was somehow related to a Dogstar member and that he memorized all of “Hamlet” (in English and now Russian). What a guy!!!

Here are a few random answers to some “letters”:

TO: I was ...
No, I don’t think so. Perhaps it is just an overcoat to keep warm in the cold? The shirt, however, is certainly something different for Keanu, the person, to wear. Also, upon further inspection, I don’t think Keanu would wear PJs and a robe to a restaurant. ((( Heart Smiles )))

TO: Cloud ...
I like John’s choice of Helen. She is the only character I can relate to in the films. (I like films where I can completely relate to a character.) Because of the obvious, she can’t be here anymore. That is why I want to see more of her in flashbacks. I want to know her backstory with John. Most importantly, how did she and John meet? Was it love at first sight? What was he thinking? Also, when did he know they were meant to be together? This information is very important, I feel. Yes, I mean, it is crucial to the films and everything about them. This is because it all leads up to The Impossible Task. The Impossible Task is the key to everything that has happened thus far. (Also, I want to see it with Keanu and Bridget. No other actors.)

TO: He’s cloud ...
No, he is not.

(To be continued in Part 2 ...)

((( Cloud 99 ))) 
05/20, 08:30:14

It's ok. You don't have to feel bad.
05/20, 08:17:10

To 05/19, 15:53:24 | url
05/20, 06:16:19

To Jennifer
It was a Chinese mailbox, but the # had nothing to do with Mexico... Anyway I already know it was totally my fault for I shouldn't have used the mailbox to write to you and I'm truly sorry for the unintentional confusion.
05/20, 05:54:02

According to the news, cops showed up, guns drawn in the gated community which Keanu's Mom lives.
05/20, 03:02:30

White House implosion | url
With all the leaks coming out of the White House, it's clear Trump's staff hates him. The Daily Beast has quoted his WH circle in utter disdain and contempt of him, basically describing him as most of us have. Case in point:

*Trump’s repeated media missteps have frustrated even longtime supporters. “Every day he looks more and more like a complete moron,” said one senior administration official who also worked on Trump’s campaign. *
05/20, 02:46:35

If you are anti-capitalism,
then you have a choice to boycott. That log cabin is waiting for you.
05/20, 01:50:15

Why do they need $20 to boycott a sporting event?
05/20, 01:48:19

The Conceptual Penis | url
05/20, 01:29:06

Don't be Afraid...
I Don't Bite
Unless You Want Me To
It's amazing what
A little wine will do
Truth be Told
You had me at Hello
It was Nice to See you again
Next time don't be so shy
Thanks for liking my work
If you found me
I would be flattered
We'll See
05/19, 23:18:30

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