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With climate change,
the planet getting so warm, they can't just leave the dumpy cuntrags in the past.
07/26, 11:59:00

Mod kindly delete this one too


07/26, 11:57:54

How embarrassing
it is to be a gothpig in this day and age.
07/26, 11:57:23

Why don't you run off
to ChaCha land and go summon a demon with your pussblood?
07/26, 11:56:14

Go back to ChaCha Chatland
you fuckking pasty cuntrag
07/26, 11:53:12

So I went over
to the departing pigwhores' new ChaCha Chatroom and gave their pussholes a little fingering.

They like me. That site is no better than this one besides the fact that it was a way to get rid garbage here.

Time to pick a corner of the pen
07/26, 11:50:32

McCain has always been mean
that is why he chose to be a Republican. Alive to day...gone tomorrow.

07/26, 11:09:44

In the meantime
we can not get rid of the shitty fuckfacec assshole who needs to die a seriously painful death.

07/26, 11:04:14

sometimes I can not figure out
what word I have used is not allowed. It gets kind of stressful.

07/26, 11:02:09

07/26, 09:32:56
He's hiding from his guilt and me..
07/26, 10:50:57

John MCain
ever when he is dying he is mean
07/26, 10:14:12

No, we can`t
we asked Jeff several times to make UG register but he didn`t answer .
Only way is out for us, who pay. or not, but only want to have a convo
07/26, 10:12:52

There wasn't a lot
Of trolls and that God awful FOOL before but now you can't have a conversation without them
07/26, 10:08:52

For gay people who voted for Trump.
07/26, 10:07:44

Sad little black boy
07/26, 10:07:41

Yeah I guess we
need to skip the garbage until it gets cleaned up,
just like in our neighbor hood.

If you have something to talk about just talk
and skip over the trash.
07/26, 10:00:29

we have untill 31 to find
a new board
07/26, 09:37:39

Been MIA since those pics have been posted
07/26, 09:32:56

That other site
Is ok but it's too complicated to post anything
07/26, 09:32:17

only way to get rip of those trolls
is a register board.
Did you find any one good
07/26, 09:22:39

Why don't we make this a happy place
by ignoring the trolls and just enjoy talking to the sane ones?
07/26, 09:13:23

Canadian PM JT on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone
magazine with caption,
'Why can't he be our president?'
07/26, 09:10:18

good grief mod
can't you ever read a word of these post? Even one word would let you know they need to be gone.

07/26, 08:55:37

yes you are nasty Jack
Numbskull !!
07/26, 07:39:00

I use to kind of like this
Board but the constant FOOL rants and trolls ruined it
Tried to clean it up as best as I could
07/26, 07:28:31

Tried that 20x doesn't work
Make it a whole different site all alone
07/26, 07:27:08

My phone
Doesn't let me post on that other site
07/26, 07:25:17

Very cute!
07/26, 06:09:17

I've tried walking 2 year old in
Carriage and two small dogs on leashes. Somehow we never get to far before everyone's tangled!
07/26, 06:05:18

watching pornhub dumbass.
Your brain is permanently fried.
07/26, 05:03:09

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