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hi Babetta
and cloud nice to see you posting. good for you cloud
loving Keanu but moving on.
he doesnot want to meet me either yep let it go is a good
motto. his smile I think too is for his work and bikes. can't
compete with that.
I saw the Gregg miller mention thingy too very interesting.
and him speaking about haiku and such. love him
take care to the both of you
05/21, 00:53:08

where and when did this happen?
hope she is ok

According to the news, cops showed up, guns drawn in the gated community which Keanu's Mom lives.
05/20, 03:02:30
05/21, 00:48:11

The Whole Truth
C'mon, you couldn't see that ending coming from a mile away?
05/20, 23:29:52

So, UG gets
less & less traffic here as the weeks and months go by.
05/20, 22:04:16

Chris Cornell dying
made me sad too. I was happy about the Special Counsel and happy about Roger Ailes and then I got hit with Cornell's death. I was really surprised because he had young kids, so...

05/20, 20:36:45

I watched it but I
would have made the murderer the neighbor boy.

05/20, 20:32:51

Oh, I usually watch Keanu's film asap but I've had a buncha stuff going on so... anyway I'm glad I finally watched it. It was enjoyable.
05/20, 20:25:28

Saw it
Last year.
05/20, 19:28:46

Finally watched the Whole Truth. It had an interesting twist on the ending that actually surprised me... I knew the accused wasn't the actual murderer but who actually was I didn't expect. Keanu has a lawyeresque voice and his narration I thought blended the story into cohesiveness better than had there not been a narrative element. I expected more from the story though... I guess I expected the whole thing to be tied up in a bow a la Hollywood and have the bad guy behind bars and the plucky side kick lawyer Janelle to be the star.

Did anyone else watch it yet? I'm trying not to give any spoilers away... which is tough with this one...
05/20, 19:11:48

“You can tell a lot about a person by what they choose to see in you.”
05/20, 19:10:34

Chris Cornell’s passing
has really hit me hard. Been a fan since 1991 & have all his major releases. I was in a daze all day Thursday at work. I am utterly devastated.
05/20, 18:47:34

I'm watching that too...
05/20, 18:36:43

Mod delete

05/20, 18:21:00

Gee, so sorry
I am not being deleted, maybe you should say, "please with sugar on it."

05/20, 18:17:48

I really hate the character
that Glenn Ford plays in Gilda.

05/20, 18:14:48

yeah, they keep saying
no proof but Trump gives us allbthe proof we need. Not the mention that Trump has already had to pay a $10 million dollar fine for money laundering...if he had not had the money to pay that fine, wouldn't he be in jail?

05/20, 18:13:08

But why the
PlanetJuneberry posts got deleted from here see her on twitter I think it's TrCe and or troll on here
It's true and people should watch her carefully.
Don't trust anyone these days
Twitter is watching her she's or they have deleted rants of hers and of one videos now she's apologizing to Keanu as if she knows him 😳🙄
05/20, 17:19:29

There's another
Deleter on the board
05/20, 17:16:01

05/20, 15:53:08
I don't know about that story but it astounds me how his supporters stick their heads in the sand, even supposedly "intelligent" people.

I watched a video clip of Jake Tapper (who has been impressive in this Trump coverage and analyses) interrogate a Congressman from Wisconsin who used to work as the state attorney general (I remember him on his stint on MTV's Real World Boston and now he's married to another Real World alumni with the both churning out babies like rabbits with their conservatism schtick.) His rationale that there's no credible evidence at all for any of the Russian collusion or other criminal behavior as obstruction of justice or money laundering is get this... Because there have been so many leaks out of the White House and DOJ, his logic claims that the absence of any irrefutable leaks with a name attached no less of the [classified] clear cut documents means Trump is innocent of all the accusations.

Anyone who isn't naive clearly knows that everything out there hasn't been leaked or outed yet. You wait for the subpoenas and the testimonies under oath (which are useless with the Trump cabinet members). Or as even senior Trump administration officials have stated, Trump is doing a good job impeaching himself with his tweets and interviews.

There have been numerous Watergate prosecutors who have flat out declare that the collective adds up to incriminating case against Trump.

Give it to Tapper to rebut Sean Duff and hold him to the fire that his arguments didn't hold water. Even Duff admitted he was sweating bullets on the hot seat.

But he's not the only one. There are plenty of Trump apologists which MSNBC has even hired in the likes of Hugh Hewitt. What the hell? Bring back Ed Schultz or Cenk! I'll even put up with the likes of Al Sharpton over Greta Van Sustern.
05/20, 17:08:30

Mod delete

Thanks !
05/20, 17:02:10

I admit
I don't read Trump supporters, I just post what I feel the need to post...I don't read Trump supporters and their foolishness. If I am posting about Trump it is just to let out some steam.

05/20, 17:00:15

Trump supporters make me sick.
For the online attacking of a young actress, who has just lost both her Mother and Grandmother within days of each other, and all because she is a liberal who voted for Hillary.
05/20, 15:53:08

Art speaks to peoples emotions and heart...
A persons emotions and heart is usually where their brokenness stems from...
05/20, 15:33:47

05/20, 15:11:48
05/20, 15:18:31

Mod delete

05/20, 15:11:48

Vincent was
Completely one would buy his paintings, except his brother.

05/20, 14:51:22

I thought
you went back to hell with your devillover...
05/20, 14:38:19

Just saw this quote, I wonder why he said that...
“Art is to console those who are broken by life.”
Vincent van Gogh
05/20, 14:24:45

question about state driver's licenses
TSA isn't accepting driver's licenses as ID from several states. For those whose licenses are acceptable, did you have to show proof of citizenship or other documents to renew? And did the license cost more than the previous standard license?

My state has filed an extension so I may not be affected until 2020. By then, I'll have to decide if I want to pay a premium for the enhanced license or just carry my passport as extra ID. It'll depend on how much I plan to travel domestically in the coming years. As it is, I haven't gone anywhere in years. And when I do resume, I will more likely travel internationally which would make it all moot since I will have to show my passport.

I swear it's such a PITA to travel even domestically these days.
05/20, 13:40:39

Pence is disgusting
but I assume it will happen as before, they got rid of Agnew before Nixon. Pence has already been caught in one huge lie. He said he did not know Flynn wee under investigation but he did know. If Flynn talks, it will be a house of cards, that is why Trump is still kissing Flynn's butt. Trump hired Flynn because Flynn knows where the bodies are buried.

05/20, 13:15:10

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