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07/26, 16:06:25 | keanureevesgossip.freeforums.net/thread/2/keanu-reeves-chat-join
someone over there read your comment
07/26, 17:57:20

07/26, 17:10:17

Hi Berlin, see Keanu lately?
07/26, 16:49:05

Don't hate Hopefully, jealous much
07/26, 16:46:00

What's a
Scat troll?
07/26, 16:26:32

block words
That is very frustrating when the message contains absolutely no offensive words but whatever words the scat troll uses (as if I'm supposed to keep a log of it). Then, you have to guess what random word might be banned. It would be nice if at least the banned word was highlighted so we could change it.

Many times I just gave up (not that my messages were that worthy lol).
07/26, 16:20:13

If it was a registered board
the moderator would lose his/her job like on the old Dogstar board. Once it became a registered board, traffic died down dramatically and there was nothing left to moderate.
07/26, 16:06:25

Time to evolve a bit
More like time to evolve a LOT. It's like still believing in the Genesis story.
07/26, 15:08:15

&& | www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-science-of-boredom/
07/26, 14:52:04

person should change her vocab it is pure boredom
07/26, 14:34:38

why do you block words which are of no harm. You work really hard on losing your job when it is impossible to write one sentence but at the same time you allow all kind of swear words, insults.
07/26, 14:32:57

Hopefully berlin
Is good for a blow job, she otherwise is a waste of time.
07/26, 13:35:05

I been for a little bit and I believe the trolls are trying to take over. Their such idiots
07/26, 13:26:44

Lol 😂
07/26, 12:39:22

That would make a good book title minus the first name.
07/26, 12:38:49

Keanu likes
to walk aways from his messes. That's for sure.
07/26, 12:32:07

Maybe this is
Stockholm syndrome. It could be, I don't know.
07/26, 12:31:35

Go ask the democrats
to save you from your creation.
07/26, 12:30:23

I always respected the distance
he created from me. I could have easily confronted him all this time, but I gave him all the respect and space that he never gave me.
07/26, 12:29:27

If you saw any part
of the White House news conference today, you know that somethingvtruely awful is going on in our country and therrcseems to be no one who will save us from the monster, Trump.

07/26, 12:28:13

It was like my own
emotional solitary confinement knowing that I had someone watching and listening to me that I never saw. Only that initial contact and his indirect transmissions.

He needs to face the music but he won't.
07/26, 12:23:49

No it wasn't
intriguing to the normal posters.
07/26, 12:18:20

So, anyways.
Back to Keanu's set in his ways personality. Set in his ways meaning his way or nothing at all.
07/26, 12:17:53

Was the meltdown
that intriguing? I could continue...
07/26, 12:16:49

The kids are bored.
So they troll their trash.

They were not bored yesterday.
Too busy reading the meltdown from some posters.
07/26, 12:13:22

go cook up some spampuss sandwiches on your ChaCha board.
07/26, 12:12:49

If you take a quick glance
at this page, you can clearly see the spam poster that needs to be banished.
07/26, 12:10:53

Did the piggs finally
migrate to their new ChaCha pen? They need to keep their foul smelling spampusses off this site.
07/26, 12:09:50

I'm bored with the
Caca colored sick black boy troll time to go for now
07/26, 12:05:21

Still reading astrology.
The only people I knew that still read that bullshit are dead. Time to evolve a bit.
07/26, 12:00:18

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