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Come to the mailbox, I'm here (Part 3) ...
... (If you would really hear him, not in snippets like the Liberal news shows / newspapers, you would see exactly what I mean. He is for our people, and our country.) The major (Liberal) news organizations are so befuddled (because they lost) that they are losing their minds. Also, it is obvious; the Liberals are mean and nasty. There is no love and peace with them. They only believe in free speech when someone agrees with them. I can’t believe this is really happening in our country. Also, I can’t believe any normal American would ever want to vote for any one of them ever again.

TO: Did you ...
No. Why do you think this?

TO: haha ...
No, not really. I had, actually, typed and answered it back then but I just didn’t post it until Saturday.

TO: re: what ...
We need to learn what’s really important in life and then keep our eyes mostly focused on that.

TO: Hi Cloud ...
And, “hello” to you, too!!! I would like to say ..., the horse’s mouth. ((( Heart Smiles ))) However, no, the answer is just, well ..., Mr. Reeves.

TO: Art speaks ...
It is also a place where love and happiness originates, too. Very much so!!!

TO: I admit ...
I am a Trump supporter and I, like so many others, am very happy that he won the presidency. He needs to clean out the swamp and that is just what he is doing. (Hmmm ... Perhaps that is why the Liberals are resisting him and accusing him of everything?) A little swamp cleaning in here would also be an improvement.

TO: ~~ ...
This is true.

TO: Babetta ...
What took you so long? Yes, the ending was quite a surprise to me. A very interesting film!!!

TO: The Whole ...
Nope. Not me.

(To be continued in Part 4 ...)

((( Cloud 99 ))) 
05/21, 20:39:12

Come to the mailbox, I'm here (Part 2) ...
... And speaking of church, I also enjoyed seeing that St. Michael’s, in Canada, posted something about “Siberia” on their Facebook page. Everyone likes Keanu!!!

One more thing concerning “John Wick”. I hope they don’t give him a love interest anytime soon. Also, I hope he never loses his wedding ring. (Please don’t let that happen.) He hasn’t had any time to grieve yet; it is way, way, way too soon for him to let go of the respect that he gives to Helen. I enjoy it too much!!! (And also, by the way, I now understand the “I’m not Mark Walhburg” video, too.) Remember, it is not easy to find more than one perfect soulmate in a lifetime should there be a replacement soulmate for him. (True love lives forever.)

Now, here are a few random answers:

TO: Those postings ...
(Yes, I feel the same way.)

TO: but she ...
I am still in love with Keanu; this has not changed. My only “obsession” is that I came here “too much” to let out my feelings about him. Also, there is nothing wrong with President Trump. He has done everything I wanted him to do (in only four months) and he has committed no crimes. You are obsessed with watching fake news too much and you believe everything you are hearing. The President’s speech today, in Saudi Arabia, was beautiful; I watched it all and I am very proud of him. He’s a breath of fresh air, not a politician, and he is doing a WONDERFUL job!!!. ...

(To be continued in Part 3 ...)

((( Cloud 99 ))) 
05/21, 20:35:50

Come to the mailbox, I'm here (Part 1) ...
Just dropping in because I have something to say ...

Because I mentioned it yesterday -- a day that I, Cloudy, decided to post, two months after my last post -- I feel I must respond with an update. What I mean is that, yesterday, I mentioned that I was going to watch The Preakness (the second race in The Triple Crown) on TV because I liked the name of a horse. Well, guess what? “My” horse ... WON!!! Yes, he came from behind to win first place!!! And, just in case you live outside The USA and haven’t heard anything about this yet, the name of “my” horse is ..., of course, “Cloud Computing”!!! ((( Heart Smiles ))) While waiting for the race to begin, I kept saying: “When are they going to talk about my (horse) pick?”, because they never did this. (I guess no one thought he would win.) Anyway, he won and it was all very exciting!!! Just because his name is “Cloud” (a horse with my name), I naturally liked him. And just because I liked his name, I chose to watch and root for him. (Normally, I would just want The Kentucky Derby winner to win The Preakness and then The Belmont.) Anyway, sometimes, I would watch these races and sometimes I would not. This time, because of Cloud, however, I just HAD to watch (having heard about him only the day before). The weather played a part in his win, too. Yes, that is ..., it was a very Cloudy day, yesterday!!! ((( Heart Smiles )))

Also, I just saw the deleted Vatican scene from “John Wick, Chapter Two”, too. It explained a little more about Gianna and was nicely done, as usual. However, I am glad they didn’t go down that road. ...

(To be continued in Part 2 ...)

((( Cloud 99 ))) 
05/21, 20:32:32

Have to watch
Year of Living Dangerous, even though Mel stars.

05/21, 19:30:37

Lol yep
05/21, 18:45:27

why do these colleges
insist on controversial speakers giving commencement speeches. That is not fair to students or parents. I would never stay for a speech by Trump or Pence...or any of Trumps people. NONE OF THEM.

05/21, 16:54:22

Your sure
I go to the other and I'm told
05/21, 16:33:09

05/21, 13:02:29
No one and I mean no one on this planet goes through this existence without baggage. Regardless of what or who you are. You live, you love, you fight and you suffer. Everyone you come into contact with leaves marks on your soul.

You are no exception.
05/21, 15:42:49

Little joffy
In his underwear with a turd hora hanging out with flies on it to share with the group.
05/21, 15:34:21

What are we
Actually gossiping about?
05/21, 13:27:23

this is the thing
if a guy is having an erection problem, the condom may start to slip off during sex. If that happens, you could accidentally get pregnant.

05/21, 13:27:09

Christina Hoff Sommers and Camille Paglia on modern feminism | url
05/21, 12:38:06

Where the hell are you from?
Your english is weird.
05/21, 12:28:49

savanne to ardith
... thats true... ... and I don't like that treat or trick behavior.... upps something happened.... as a guy or a girl.... just use condoms... it protects you from unwanted pregnancy and illnesses...
.. ...
05/21, 12:20:26

I don't have any baggage
and I'm not 16 you pretend know it all dumbfuck.
05/21, 12:17:18

New Relationships always
have previous baggage unless you are 16
If the love and commitment is strong a new relationship
can work out despite previous history.
It's about the two people that want to be together.
The extraneous people will eventually fall by the wayside.
05/21, 11:37:33

Ar182 Panic! Unless you fly aa
05/21, 10:57:37

over population
is the biggest threat to our world today.

05/21, 10:56:10

Nice work MOD
05/21, 10:32:44

Why are you on a gossip board talking about your personal life? 🙄🤔
05/21, 10:31:50

... just being honest... relationships that start that way will seldomly work out... .... and yes I would tell him the truth... even he may not happy about that.... so good luck... I am female too... and Thank God the pill exists, or condoms.... if you do. not want to be pregnant.... you do not need to....
05/21, 10:27:58

You might want to ask yourself
how secure you feel this relationship is.
I only say that because why call her out on her b/s and have a way to provide proof of what she said and did.
I don't know very many women who are secure in their relationship pregnant or not that would do that.
Drama is a whole headache no one wants to have why create the circumstance to spread it.
05/21, 08:51:01

Don't show it to him.
It's not going to work out well for you.
He was in a relationship with her and I'm sure he knows how she is.
It'll cast a shady light on you as well and you don't need that.

Good luck with your baby
05/21, 08:45:54

You are carrying his child now
so if he is a good man he will do the right thing.
It's his ex girlfriend now and you are the mother of his child
the woman he chose after his ex.
Don't show it to him.
05/21, 08:42:07

I want to, but would doing it seem
like I was I was doing this to be malicious or spiteful? Yes I want her far out of the picture, but at the same time I don't want to seem like I was doing this in a game playing way, because that is exactly how she is going to spin it to him and our mutual friends. Part of me in frustration did goad and provoke her into saying certain things, such as her cussing at me, and her admitting using him for money, because I knew the CCTV was on and it would capture it. Part of me also doesn't want to hurt my boyfriend anymore, because he was devastated by the cheating at the time. She has everyone fooled, and acts like she wouldn't say bad about anyone, but this video shows such a different side to her, one my boyfriend has never seen before.

I'm just confused about what to do.
05/21, 05:56:33

Show it to him. He should know.
05/21, 05:33:42

Do I tell/show him?
I am currently in a relationship and pregnant (Pill failed) with a man who spit up with his cheating girlfriend about 6 months ago. It was only a very casual sexual relationship at first, until a month ago when we made things official. Me and him did not hook up while they were together, it actually began a couple months after they split. Anyways, his ex wants him back, and plays like butter wouldn't melt. She doesn't know we are together, only that we hooked up, and now I am pregnant. She pretends she is a really good person, but hides her true horrible self, and apart from her cheating, he is completely unaware of exactly how manipulative and nasty she can be. Yesterday she showed up on my doorstep, saying the most vile shit you can imagine. I am currently 2 months pregnant by him, and she said she hopes I lose my baby, and basically admitted to me that he was playing and using him for his money and because of the line of work she is in, he could help her further her career. She also said "I have ruined everything" and "That is supposed to be me." suggesting she was secretly trying to get pregnant behind his back. I caught all this on my CCTV camera.

Do I show him the video? Part of me doesn't want to stoop to her level with games.
05/21, 05:14:52

We all try to
smile for the camera but it's difficult for me to just turn it on.
Never liked getting my picture taken.
#myrandomthoughtsbecauseiamprocrastinating :)
05/21, 04:32:08

can you still help, Jennifer?
05/21, 03:50:36

Things that make me smile...
Work is never on top of the list. Lol
05/21, 03:14:14

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