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I'm going to look at the news
too much. thanks for NYC info
06/30, 14:29:17

Very sad.
A man pulled a rifle from under his white lab coat and opened fire inside a Bronx hospital on Friday, police said, killing at least one person and wounding others before apparently killing himself.

Gunfire broke out at around 2.50pm on Friday inside the Bronx Lebanon hospital. An NYPD spokesman said “there are reports of several people shot” before adding on Twitter that “one shooter is deceased at the hospital”. The NYPD told people to “avoid the area of 1650 Grand Concourse”.

A subsequent NYPD tweet said: “The shooter is deceased. Several others are injured.”
06/30, 14:08:19

JUST ON THE NEWS. A bunch of doctors have been shot
in a hospital in NY.
06/30, 14:03:55

To Beth never
Bethanie is a school teacher in Los Angeles
06/30, 13:49:35

06/30, 13:45:17

yes I have to remind myself
and it works. take a break for yourself
you deserve it

Thank you!
I will remember to smell the roses.
06/30, 11:46:12
06/30, 13:13:01

The march made
it political by saying they were pro-Palestinian.
06/30, 12:59:37

Imagine you are
swimming and you see this monster with that humongous mouth
06/30, 12:35:27

Well, by referring to them the way you do,
It doesn't seem you WANT to understand. Don't stereotype people because they don't live a life you disapprove of. Focus on yours.
06/30, 12:33:30

no one needs
to identify their religion in a dyke march. No religious symbols and no goddamn swastikas. A lot of white supremicist in the Chicago area...disgusting I know but maybe nothing that seems political need be in the march? Shouldn't it just became a way to celebrate dykiness? Although, why couldn't they just march in the gay parade? I give up, I don't understand people at all.

06/30, 12:31:04

Who are you, and where in the world did you come from? We share the same opinion on this.
06/30, 12:29:51

may ask you.
If someone pays, Can ask Jeff to put back URL
06/30, 11:58:02

Re bitch face
Some people do that as a defence.
For some they may not even be aware they have that face on.
When I'm walking alone in a big city full of people on the sidewalk I will probably have a bitch face.
Like hey don't bother me strangers. Lol
Depends on the crowd and neighbourhood.
06/30, 11:52:12

Chicago's Dyke March
06/30, 11:48:44

Trump is unhappy.
He is not able to push everyone around and he does not like that. He needs to resign.

Next week he will be looking like the American oaf, in Europe. I hope no one will talk to him, I certainly wouldn't.

06/30, 11:47:22

Thank you!
I will remember to smell the roses.
06/30, 11:46:12

06/30, 11:31:38
Just a little leak, only a vlurp, no one will notice.
06/30, 11:37:20

Mod delete troll


06/30, 11:31:38

It is really
a comedy right? Is it under comedy releases?
06/30, 11:30:08

06/30, 11:26:05
Oh so sorry, was that a spoiler alert?
06/30, 11:28:26

Not a Netflix
Fan, the movie is there then in another second it's gone
06/30, 11:27:57

To The Bone
Should be at the movie theater, it looks like such a good film
06/30, 11:27:22

Mod delete troll


06/30, 11:26:05

I've had two friends suffer one survived the other died at the age of 38.
Very sad disease.
06/30, 11:25:05

My whole life people
have told me how angelic I appear, and they're right.
06/30, 11:19:01

Do you find it weird
that some people just have bitch faces? Like their faces match perfectly to their personality. Trump is an extreme case. I do notice this with a lot of people. You can sometimes tell a book by their cover.
06/30, 11:17:50

I knew I spelled explicit wrong
bt let it post anyway. smartypants
06/30, 11:06:04

they can easily bleep that out
I watched JW on the USA channel and they bleeped it out
for basic cable channel tv.
06/30, 10:44:01

keanu says
fck a couple of times.

06/30, 10:42:38

looking great at the premiere. love her blonde hair and weight loss.
I think she produced this movie. love seeing her work with her
06/30, 10:42:38

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