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I picture Ardith more like Magda
Aka... What about Mary, being they'e both from Florida.
06/30, 22:00:28

very bad man :/
Trump reopens Atlantic waters to oil, gas exploration
06/30, 21:51:29

There is nothing that makes me
more happy in cinema than seeing fragile adolescent girls being barbarically murderous. It never gets old.
06/30, 20:19:55

Screw this rain shit.
We need ninjitsu. We need style.
06/30, 20:17:55

06/30, 20:17:32

06/30, 20:16:18

I'm am so down
with kosher except for the bacon bits.
06/30, 20:15:22

Keanu still have a mole on his neck near his scar from when they made him a cyborg or fixed his neck I don't know same diff whatevs
06/30, 20:15:13

I think ninjitsu
needs a come back. Ninjitsu meets the professional uncle ninjitsu master now in care of his niece.
06/30, 20:13:27

Hard boiled sometimes runny they come from a chicken not a bunny dummy
06/30, 20:13:09

Had a biddly a biddly, they had Balzac, shadrach, meshack and abendigoh
They had malleow like jallelo
06/30, 20:11:35

Was it?
No idea.not fucked up except on life
06/30, 20:07:57

I think that was
beastie boys. Was it?
06/30, 20:01:05

Are you fuckedd up
on some shit? I actually have a movie plot awesome idea for him.
06/30, 20:00:11

Is it from something
My brain might never be at full capacity, I mean, would I know if it was or wasn't? I thought I was just coming up with it but maybe it was from something and I stole it and didn't know which is prolly all my ideas
06/30, 19:58:50

Keanu could be in a movie about a man who is walking down the steeet and then he's like what am i doing I have a car but I guess I could use the exercise but I have a gym membership I never use maybe I should cancel that but then he thinks but if I want to go to the gym which I might, then I'd have to go to all that trouble of signing up again and thats a hassle so I guess I'll just keep paying I don't know plenty of ideas
06/30, 19:57:11

Wait, remind
me what zabba dee is from. My brain is not at full capacity.
06/30, 19:56:36

I wonder how
overbearing those women are. Keanu is a subordinate in his family.
06/30, 19:54:26

Keanu should start
A new band and call it zabba dee zabba doo, I don't know just brainstorming
06/30, 19:53:31

Whatevs guess that is controversial? Weird. I meant that the bass player of that band is hot therfore the cover band must have one.
06/30, 19:50:15

I imagine Ardith
looking like Keanu's mom.
06/30, 19:48:09

I picture
Ardith having a smokers voice like Harvey firestorm but all wrinkled, skinny, and tan.
06/30, 19:47:11

It should have ended
years ago and where we would be now who knows.
06/30, 18:03:20

I do not stay
in caves. All though I have done some spelunking.

06/30, 16:46:13

Would you stay in one?

Not for me, thanks.
06/30, 16:35:28

Trump continually had his people
call Mica and Joe, telling them he could stop an Inquirer story from running, about them. They chose to ignore the calls and the unimportant story ran. Anyway, what he did is considered extortion.

This is the thing, when you don't do what he ask, he starts telling lies about you. He has his people tell lies about you. He is a thug, a criminal...just like the Russian Mafia or what Trump did in high school against enemies. Since Trump is a cheating douche all his life, he has a lot of enemies but people are afraid of him.

06/30, 16:27:34

Trump may be impeached for his tweets against
MorningJoe hosts. Fingers crossed.
06/30, 15:36:58

How about
a song...its been awhile.

An old classic, enjoy.
06/30, 15:01:54

my my my
Trump will probably be investigated for extortion.

Please, let Trump tweet on...he gets himself in more trouble, tweeting.

06/30, 14:55:29

The shooter
was a doctor also.
Now even doctors are starting to lose it.
06/30, 14:29:49

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