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He makes sure
he adds things in his films and interviews so that you know for sure.
07/1, 10:14:46

He posts things
so you know he's spying on you. He wants you to find out eventually what he's been doing to you.
07/1, 10:14:01

I guess I have to see The Watcher
because that might be a bit telling.
07/1, 10:13:03

He writes things
that he knows the victim will pick up on because he has complete surveillance on them. He's very personalized.
07/1, 10:12:06

And how can
you tell its him? Does he say it's him?
07/1, 10:09:49

This is why I was looking
for evidence of Paige and Beth being real people. It means those were not his characters but his intended victims.
07/1, 10:08:08

calm down hon
he has better things to do. you should go to a doctor and get checked for paranoia.
07/1, 10:07:17

Keanu comes here to
play tricks on his fans for entertainment. It's true. He did it to Paige and Beth.
07/1, 10:03:50

07/1, 09:56:16
mental, nut case, insane, paranoid, schizo
07/1, 10:02:26

Just remember
The songs, little codes, etc. could be for anyone. Take it from me once you realize they aren't for you or not for you alone and things were a game played by who knows who you can move on and just come here for the fun of it. I try not even to come here, I'm still working on that. Nothing negative towards you, but half of what you think was posted for you others are made to think it's posted for them. Please remember that!! I sympathize!!! Don't be angry, think life lesson. Now I read things and think...ouch, someone is thinking their special and that's just for them. My opinion... it's not. For several
07/1, 09:56:16

nice try
#wakeup #growup #read #educate #tolerance #breakwithyourfalsegod
07/1, 09:19:42

transferring the coal industry from America to India and China doesn't save the planet. It just moves the pollution to where the brown people live.
07/1, 09:08:06

Happy Canada Day
to the Canadians here.

07/1, 08:58:18

There is no evidence
All I hear is a lot of hot air from you.

No one believes you no matter how much you bad talk here.

We don't even know who you are.
07/1, 08:46:20

Who are you calling
an abuser? The pot calling the kettle black?
The only abuse seen here is abusing his name and character.
You are not a sweet smelling rose.
07/1, 08:38:54

No one is protecting
Ardith. It's all in your head. Her post was deleted the other day because it was vulgar.
07/1, 08:35:37

Re I know he is
Yeah right, you know nothing, crybaby.
07/1, 08:33:12

When did Beth
stop posting here? Was she posting here?
07/1, 08:31:26

That monologue
Sounds very lame.

As lame as crybaby Trump.

Two peas in a pod.
07/1, 08:28:33

I know they
are bullies, only care for money even if it means destroying the environment.
Greed breeds greed at any cost.
Don't cry when natural resources can't be produced anymore and your lands and oceans are dying. Oh but wait, you still have your golden toilet for your shit. Way to go! A gold star for you !!
07/1, 08:26:33

I think you'll find that those of us who voted for him knew exactly what we were voting for. Trump isn't particularly subtle, you know. What you see is what you get. We got what we wanted, and what's more, if he runs again in 2020 and is re-elected, you'll have to realize that those of us who like him, still like him.

And you won't be able to understand it.

And maybe, just maybe, you'll stop and think, "If I simply cannot understand this phenomenon... maybe it's me? Maybe there's something I'm missing, something I don't get. Maybe I'm NOT smarter than every Trump voter. Maybe they know something that I don't know."

That's if you have a shred of humility about you... which most liberals don't. A liberal always thinks s/he is the smartest person in the room.
07/1, 08:06:57

You mean this monologue?
Some of you know
what he's really doing and you don't try to stop him. You're just as guilty as he is.
07/1, 01:45:12
It's why he
keeps ugossip running. It's his compulsion. He won't stop unless someone catches him and turns him in.
07/1, 01:43:42
He only wants to hurt me
and you all standby and watch.
07/1, 01:42:16
If there's any justice,
maybe someone will one day do unto you as you have done unto me.
07/1, 01:34:06
I sleep so I
don't have to think of you.
07/1, 01:31:34
I hope distress pounds
you like it has me and smashes you.
07/1, 01:29:49
Do emotional mindfuck
games get you through your days? I hope you get broken down as much as you've broken me down.
07/1, 01:26:14
07/1, 08:04:48

Perhaps businesses
Should disconnect from the www.
Go back to having computers only in thier offices to process work on their intranet with no internet. It would be easier to handle security without
someone from the outside hijacking their data and manipulating them for
07/1, 08:02:49

He is the best thing only
if you like cry baby lying bullies that see things as my way or the highway.

The dumbing down of America.
07/1, 07:57:07


I hope they don't hit air transportation.
Like holding planes hostage for landings.

07/1, 07:53:19

07/1, 06:47:58
When the people that have spoken realize they agreed to be f* cked at every turn then they'll understand what is meant by:

The f* cking you got sometimes isn't worth the f*cking your going to get.

07/1, 07:42:00

I think Trump is the best thing that's happened to this country in a long time. No more "politics as usual." No more stagnation. No more being ruled and manipulated by the media and Hollywood, and European sensibilities. The people have spoken, and the people chose Trump.

What's more, if you remove California, which is FULL of illegals, many of whom voted, Trump actually won the popular vote too. This is why California doesn't want any investigation into voter fraud.
07/1, 06:47:58

again someone has a nonsensical monologue with itself
07/1, 03:38:09

are you sure its him? 100%?
07/1, 03:20:34

I didn't know Beijing is that big. Whoa!
20 New York, 155 Paris, 10 London, 27 Soul
07/1, 00:32:53

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