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enjoy the last moments of UG.
Pity I can`t link a video

Keanu, gay or Straight .

07/1, 12:22:36

Mental, insane, paranoid, schizo
Thank god im not stupid too!!
07/1, 12:20:20

I paid $10 this month
I also don`t pay a cent more this month.
As I said many times before $5 would do, only 3 people need.
But if the board is to end, Let`s it be
07/1, 12:16:09

Cats come
07/1, 12:12:01

sorry, I would pay
but I really am broke. I mean, $15 dollars could make the difference in me paying a bill or buying cat food.

07/1, 12:05:18

to pay for
Ardith anger and trolls lol

since you really don't need your money, give it to me then.
07/1, 12:02:13

You pay
Everytime all of it.
07/1, 12:01:39

will someone pay
$15 left?????
I paid last month, done this month, no a cent
07/1, 11:57:21

Those twitter accounts that claim they support Trump.
Gay, Latinos, Muslim, women.....
are all fake as Trump
07/1, 11:56:00

Rob Lowe really thinks
he saw a big foot...interesting.

07/1, 11:52:08

I admit I am completely
taken up with any evidence that is reported on by the media. I do wonder why no one has subpeonied Trumps taxes, because if they did, it would be shown that Trump is Putins bitch. Why weren't they looked at before the traitor was elected? These are things that I know are nit fair.

07/1, 11:47:29

I think those twitter accounts
that claim belong to, gays, Latinos, Muslim, wwomen4Trump, are all fake, as Trump
07/1, 11:40:36

it is true
stupid, gets on my nerves worse than anything else. Especially after you wasted time trying to politely explain the facts to someone who will. Never get it, because they are stupid, stubborn and probably, mentally ill.

07/1, 11:38:23

Wow we have a
seriously blind and stupid Trump lover on the place is immune to idiots. Probably cloud.

None so blind as those who will not see.

07/1, 11:30:03

See that's what I have in
common with Ardith, we both are mature women that can't tolerate stupid.

When you have raised children that are adults now it's hard to put up with your damn fantasies and whining here. Grow some balls.
07/1, 11:28:05

and who is
watching the watcher?

another watcher of course.
07/1, 11:24:43

I can be a softie also...
Depends, if you say anything stupid, I do not tolerate stupid.
07/1, 11:23:12

you stupid shithead
GOD!! What an idiot...nutcase! Paige and Beth showed their pictures, they had personalities, if you called Beths school, they would tell you she worked there. Paige was everyplace and she spent her waking life here. Keanu has a very full, rich life, he is not stalking you, nut case. I wish he would stalk you...with a gun in his hand.

07/1, 11:22:09

I have to let you know
I will moderate with an iron fist.
07/1, 11:20:20


How do I start?
07/1, 11:19:11

Oh please
the job is yours.
The Mod
07/1, 11:17:16

I think I
Should be the mod here.
07/1, 11:16:09

the fucking
damn sick idiot is here with her delusions...could there be one day free of it?

07/1, 11:15:25

OH now my posts
are back.
07/1, 11:14:37

I guess
the mod is in cahoots with the posters here.
07/1, 11:12:22

Why are
My posts deleted?
I didn't say anything bad...

07/1, 11:11:10

How old
are you whiners?
Stop with your fantasies that a celeb is watching you.
He has better things to do with his time.
07/1, 11:00:09

Do you want
a medal?
07/1, 10:58:12

I keep a diary on
my computer, so if anyone else is hacking here you should be able to access it in case anything happens to me.
07/1, 10:32:42

This is the reaction and why
Bill Cosby got away with all he did for so long.
07/1, 10:15:52

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