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I think he's
Fine he's single because being single rox you can break wind at will and leave dishes in the sink and use your dryer to store clothes who wouldn't want that
07/1, 15:04:37

Autocorrect? Is auit even a word in English?
07/1, 15:00:47

Whatevs spelling isn't a strong auit
07/1, 15:00:01

The book
The nix is starting out really funny and good, a little vonnegutish
07/1, 14:58:59

Shut up
About stupid keanu and his bullshit.
07/1, 14:58:38

I'm coming up with a lot of ideas for scripts for Keanu reeves, lot o ideas, like Keanu is in a diner, sitting by himself , reading the paper in a booth by the window and the waitress is busy so he has time to think about what he wants for breakfast and he know he wants eggs, but scrambled? Scrambled are
Good, but do they really use the full potential of the egg when it comes to toast, because of course nothing like dipping some crispy, buttery toast in an egg cooked just right like the yoke isn't too runny but not too hard. So he decides two eggs toast bacon? Sure, he has been good all week so yeah, bacon. Coffee, keep that flowing. So Keanu feels good about his
Decision and opens his paper, he's reading the daily news and he thinks I'm going to do the crossword, so he looks in his pocket did he have a pen? But is he qualified to do a crossword in pen? Well it's the daily news and not the times, so yes. But then he thinks about sodoku, alright this is just off the top of my head it might need some tweeking
07/1, 14:51:19

Ardith I don't think
Anyone (man or woman) has rejected Keanu sorry
Don't buy that
07/1, 14:28:22

Maybe he likes his life just the way it is.
I believe it when they say he's afraid of relationship. Know the feeling
Keanu knows what he wants and what he doesn't want
07/1, 14:27:10

I believe he
is gay but I could understand why a guy might not want to get married but to have no really long term sexual relationships? That shows some kind of mental problems, if you are keanu reeves. I mean a normal guy or girl might have problems finding a partner...they might be unattractive, shy, no money, no relationship but girls are around keanu like flies, he could find the cream of the crop but he does not want it. He is either gay or has serious personality problems. He is always on the rejection list.

07/1, 13:24:26

I really wanted him
to do Rain but Rain might have some class, not like Hollywood.

07/1, 13:17:01

I don't like
the guns either.
I think he would have been better as Rain. No guns v
Guns in movies is another crutch when all else fails.
Where would the JW story be without all the shooting?
Nowhere. It's just a cheap way of making money of audiences that love guns and shooting.
I still like Keanu and understand he has to stick with this to revive his on screen presence.
On if he is gay or straight, I think he is straight but has been scared off having relationships. If you never had a good romantic relationship it's hard to trust in love and sex.
07/1, 13:12:58

you feel like
he needed a lift in the 80s? Because he worked a lot of films, except no Oliver Stone. I don't know his aim back then but look back and remember he played a murderer who killed a union leader, his wife and his I am thinking he was not that concerned...

07/1, 13:11:35

He had an image of a pacifist
when he started, his movies, his persona. The Whole thing was about being edge hippie
May be he just changed and need a new fresh start because his failing career
07/1, 13:02:44

oh for christ sake
I could not mix up Sinatra and Lowe.

07/1, 12:59:19

I don't believe
that movie that he would not make the Viet Nam movie with Oliver Stone because of keanu being a pascifest . My first guess was that Stoff did not want Keanu on a Stone set where there would be tons of drugs. Managers often watch after their young actors about that. Charlie Sheen's manager should have taken a lesson.

07/1, 12:56:21

you mix up Rob Lowe with
Frank Sinatra, he changed.
Mafia matters
07/1, 12:51:47

i know
Lowe was a Democrat but I figured he had changed to Republican.

07/1, 12:50:11

I love those commercials
with the Angle of Death, the Wearwolf, the Mummy and the Vampire and the ventriquest dummy. The actor who plays the Vampire could be my nephew. Anyway, they make me laugh.

07/1, 12:48:11

Rob Lowe
is democrat.
07/1, 12:44:54

Keanu catch my attention
Because he was a pacifist Gorgeous and pacifist. Perfect. Edge movies, interesting.
Now. Turn me off in the big way
07/1, 12:43:36

I believe Rob Lowe
is now a republican. I used to hang out with a man who had played tennis with Rob Lowe, his Daddd and his brother, in Dayton. But I could ask him nothing...probably because I wasn't really interested.

07/1, 12:41:32

Trust me Ardith
The trolls annoy me more, much much more than you.
Is day and night 24/7
I hate them, but you paying in the same way, won`t work.
The Mod
07/1, 12:38:35

honey, I am mean
in my thoughts and I do not lie about that. I remember being mean once when I was a teen and it seriously bothers me. I can not remember the name of the girl I was mean too. She is probably dead but I wish I could apologize.

But the trolls here, mainly Tra ce, I do not feel bad about wishing something bad on them.

07/1, 12:37:15

I liked Keanu when he didn`t like guns
I don`t like his movies anymore, only violence.
Doesn`t do anything for me
I prefer Rob Lowe
07/1, 12:33:25

mod deleted
one of my post last night...about wishing a vat of acid was in a trolls future. I do wish it but wishing it does not make it happen . Now that keanu is a gun lover, maybe...?

Whatever, I will never want a gun in my house. Keanu gets drunk and personally, I think drunk people around guns, not a good idea.

07/1, 12:30:43

we REALLY don`t know
that is why this board still open.
People here still want to know about his sexuality
07/1, 12:29:16

Oh wait!
You were calling me stupid too,weren't you?

07/1, 12:29:04

07/1, 12:24:52

I know I have said this many times
that I used to pay a lot. I felt like I should because I used the board a lot, not that much now. The trolls often keep me away...which most think is good but I do like to keanu because I am the only keanuphile here.

Anyway, when the trolls are here non stop, I think it should just close.

07/1, 12:24:00

But people don't get call out
For wishing other's be stalked with guns?!?! That's crazy and mental especially coming from a peace loving dem against guns!!!!!

Why is everyone so mean here
07/1, 12:23:11

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