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Not me
He hasn't made that many bad movies. Now if youwanted to stage an Adam Sandler rebellion, I might be on board for that.
07/1, 20:14:20

The posters here
always talk about the justice of the people against the elite. I'm the person seeking justice in the corruption of the elitism that is KEANU. Who will rise against this man with me?
07/1, 20:11:05

I want to take this fuckerr
out and see him in the prison he created for me.
07/1, 20:08:25

Can a hacker
out there please lend me their ear? You follow me, you'll be able to follow his tracks to me. He watches me always.
07/1, 20:05:40

The whole ship
needs to be taken out just like the whole trumpian empire needs to. This Keanuian empire needs a rebellion and I'm willing to lead it. Who will join me?
07/1, 20:04:03

They actually encourage him.
They say he's in the right for preying on helpless women and instead blame the women. This is some sick shit people. Some maniacal sick shit and he's getting away with it because they all protect him.
07/1, 20:02:40

That's how you know
the true nature of those in his sick circle that say nothing to stop him from acting out his sadistic intentions on the innocent just to get a hard on.
07/1, 20:00:35

Keanu is a major scam artist
and some of the posters her know it but do nothing. You talk about pacifists to the point of inebriated by his social elitism.
07/1, 19:57:58

I really think Keanu has been
fuckingg with his fans all these years and it's really sad that no one has caught on to his games.
07/1, 19:54:07

So what really happened
to Paige and Beth. Were there any others that need mentioning?
07/1, 19:48:06

07/1, 19:40:54

are we still talking or not?
07/1, 19:39:04

Why hasn't the
site shut down yet?
07/1, 19:38:25

Rainy day
07/1, 19:35:21

We haven't had
any nice poems posted here for a long time.
07/1, 19:32:29

What happened
to princess jaundice? And to poetry writer and reader?
07/1, 19:31:01

oh you won't answer
me, fine. I am tired of your ignorance.

07/1, 19:05:30

I think I just heard
to gun shots...instead of fire crackers. Why would anyone be stupid enough to shoot off a gun?

07/1, 19:04:04

If he isn't racist
why were the kkk so anxious to support him? Why was he so happy to have David Duke support him. Why does he have two or three White Supremicist working for him right next to the Oval Office? Why does he have a Muslim ban, which is extremely unamerican? He hired a man to make it harder for black people and Mexicans to vote but come to find out, as of today, 23 states have refused his racist, fascist idea. You are an ignorant Trump lover so that way you can excuse yourself for loving this racist pigggg.

07/1, 19:02:12

it is really evil to deregulate corporations
to get rid of Work place safety rules, to let corporations start dumping into our waterways, to let lowlifes make voting rules that keep poor people and black people from voting and that is just part of the evil he has done. Now he wants to get rid of Obamacare and put in nothing to replace it...all so he can give billionaires tax breaks. With his terrible plan, 32 million people will be without health insurance. This is 6% of our economy, think of tube ripple effect. Jackals does not get it. He does not care and neither do you. I could go on and on about the evil this prick is doing but obviously, if the rich are protected, you don't care.

07/1, 18:54:24

fck off you stupid
idiot. What a fool, you believe lies and propaganda. Go ahead, dummy.

I know Russia was doing a lot of hacking and Donald ask them too but what did they find? Absolutely nothing. Normal political crap...all the fuss over emails and it was absolutely nothing. I do believe Russia hacked our voting machines and I most certainly believe Trump and his buddies ask them too. Trump nor his bunch care at all about our democracy. Trump owes Putin a lot of money and he needed Putin to help him out so he could pay it back. I believe it will be fairly easy to unravel the mess because the Shithead brigade always felt like they could get away with everything, including murder. You stupid fools will find out what it means to put a criminal in the White House.

07/1, 18:45:48

and as for Trump
being evil, I don't see anything evil about him.

Misogynist? Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton make him look like an altar boy.

Homophobic? Even Piers Morgan would laugh at that.

Racist? Never heard a peep about his so-called racism in all the years he was famous, until he declared himself a Republican.

Face it, the Left's hatred of Trump is irrational, drooling psychosis. He's just a businessman who looked at the state of affairs in this country and understood that everyone hates lawyers, so why is our country being run by them? You understand almost everyone in the DNC started out as a lawyer, right?

He thought to himself, "Hell, I could do a better job." So he went for it, he won, and he is indeed doing a better job. So suk it. Because he's going to get re-elected in 2020.
07/1, 18:41:32

no ardith
the DNC wasn't hacked. Those were leaks, from the inside. Trump had nothing to do with it. Russia had nothing to do with it. It was an internal problem that the DNC did not address, and now they are trying to blame everyone else in the world for it.
07/1, 18:29:42

Quote by @planetjuneberry
She wants us to she's not a fan girl or weirdo. 🙄🤔

Those of you who cannot hear me~ or think I'm some kind of fan girl or a weirdo~ THIS SCIENCE ISNT FOR YOU. Please exercise a DOR and leave
07/1, 17:52:48

Think that Bojo
Is dating that Johnny dude. He's with her in New Mexico
07/1, 17:49:44

to be honest it does
not take many smarts to see that Trump is a horrible person, you probable do need some morals and thevability to know right from wrong. Trump is simple evil, alwaysvdoing something that is evil.

If evil does not bother you, I guess you will think Trump is just fine.

07/1, 17:43:00

07/1, 08:06:57
Being led into the lions den with your eyes wide open isn't something to be proud of. All that shows is that you're all sheep willing to follow anyone who you believe could get you something, no matter how mediocre it is.
07/1, 17:12:34

oh great
Our voting machines were hacked and guess what...Trump has eliminated the agency that would make sure our voting machines art not hacked? Why are Republicans not concerned?

In my opinion if Trump and the Repugs don't care? Then that is an invitation and I think we should for sure, go for it.

07/1, 16:27:06

That happens
When you are a couple also.
07/1, 15:54:20

exactly, more than likely
they would not reject him and that was my point. Anyone has sexual relationships that last for awhile. Keanu never has...except for Rob and Tiger, WHICH WE HAVE SEEN! So wise up folks.

07/1, 15:53:38

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