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07/1, 20:32:32
This poster is KR
He likes to boast under the guise of an accuser.
It's confession night and trying to tease out anyone who will rat on him.
The joys of guilt, paranoia and multiple personalities.
But I do agree with him that he is a POS and worse than Cosby.
07/1, 21:43:25

why did it bother
no one that before he took office, Trump had to settle a fraud lawsuit for $25 million dollars?

And why were we never told Trump had been fined 10 million dollars because he laundered money and he was found guilty...why was that ignored?

07/1, 21:42:36

The falsities here
are above and beyond. I'm disgusted but I should not have expected anyone more out of this creed of beings.
07/1, 21:41:39

Quite the
mirage. So hollywood.
07/1, 21:39:15

I know I don't think
you are the only woman hater hear...that is just suck.

07/1, 21:36:13

Women really are suboordinate
to men and maybe they deserve their positions for not standing up to them.
07/1, 21:34:24

I saw her on one of
the evening talk shows lAst week and she looked ok, so hopefully she is fine.

07/1, 21:34:04

You have the ability to be on an internet connection
then stop posting here and call the authorities. They're the ones who can help you not fans on a message board.

Sympathy isn't something you're going to get on here in abundance.

If he is harming you in anyway the authorities will be able to prove it and stop it.
We can't help you.
07/1, 21:19:49

07/1, 18:41:32
And when his policies impact you in ways you can't see now ... all of us who are resisting will also speak up for you ... Because we are all one interconnected community of beings.
07/1, 21:14:32

Oh boy lady
you don't make any sense.
Why come here and tell us? We can't help. It sounds like you are boasting.
07/1, 21:02:39

And why
Are you under surveillance by him? Because of your threats?
07/1, 20:59:44

Lily Collins looks far too thin in the new
picture of her and Keanu To The Bone promotion photo. She mentioned she has experienced an eating disorder in a Sundance interview. Looks like it is something she hasn't recovered from it. Poor girl, I hope she recovers soon.
07/1, 20:58:27

Don't you get I do want
to be tracked? He has complete surveillance on me. I want all the tracing that can be unleashed on me to find his dirty prints.
07/1, 20:50:32

If justice is my threat
then you need to evaluate your idea of justice.
07/1, 20:48:35

He's the shit
for invading my life without my permission and I'm taking him down.
07/1, 20:47:41

The only pos
I see is the one making threats.
07/1, 20:42:06

You are making
Threats on a public board where you can be tracked.
Do you have marbles for brains? smh
07/1, 20:40:24

He's a piece of shit
and every woman that stands beside him is a piece of shit by association. No humanity.
07/1, 20:40:12

He treats me
like I'm sub-human. Below him. That isn't right. I deserve justice.
07/1, 20:38:30

I'm sick of dealing
with an overgrown spoiled bratbitch poor excuse of a man. I'm tired of his free pass on assholehood.
07/1, 20:36:44

I want him to face true humility.
I need the help of those around him who are protecting him from facing that humility.
07/1, 20:34:38

Keanu thinks he's riding high.
He thinks he's untouchable in his lawlessness. He's just as bad as Cosby.
07/1, 20:32:32

That's what they want to tell
you to keep you down. You're insignificant, you have no power, just shut up and take it. I'm not taking it anymore.
07/1, 20:29:32

Has Goop been spying
on people? Do they have hacking under their belts of vaginal crystals?
07/1, 20:27:57

I'm not going to wait
20 years to take this motherfucker out. I want justice now.
07/1, 20:26:07

I'm only after
bringing one down to the level he treated me. One actor to set an example for the rest of his kind.
07/1, 20:24:52

This site is entitled? Have you heard of Goop?
07/1, 20:23:06

Listen Che
You are
Going to get pretty exhausted in your cause to bring down actors who are dix, coz that list is endless.
07/1, 20:22:08

Or will you let them
get away with it as they have. Will you continue to support the established to protect your facade of what you want to believe to be righteous.
07/1, 20:18:34

I don't have much
left in me to fight him. I need the support of noble individuals that want to fight the injustices of the entitled elite. Will you join me?
07/1, 20:14:33

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