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Why don't
you start with more specific questions?
07/27, 21:41:37

Since you asked.
07/27, 21:35:46

What do you
want to know?
07/27, 21:26:37

Is it finally
Shutting down?
07/27, 21:13:56

Would truly
Love to know the real deal before this all goes way
07/27, 21:11:40

Lindsey Graham
Though Graham is often a Trump stooge, at least he has grown somewhat of a backbone (albeit a Dowager's one) in initiating a bill to prevent a president from firing a special prosecutor/counsel without judicial review. He'll try to curry support from his fellow Republicans while the Democrats will more than likely align readily with the bill.

It's insane the madness of this administration. I don't think even Shakespeare could have imagined this fiasco. In some ways it's riveting the disaster that is unfolding but in a lot of ways, it's such a hit on our government which we have to endure 4 years until he is evicted (or impeached gawd willing).

Anytime I think I have problems, I remind myself that at least I'm not affiliated with a Trump. Holy hell.
07/27, 19:03:06

Bad breath
From poor hygiene or gut issues
07/27, 18:12:27

Modain't here
She banned her sainted name and made a tactical retreat.
07/27, 17:54:27

bad breath
Is your friend older, middle-aged? I've learned that it's not just wrinkles that develop with age (some more or less than others) but there are a host of other changes, including dry mouth. Dry mouth leads to several problems that might explain bad breath (the saliva kills a lot of the bad bacteria) and health of teeth.

You might want to share sticks of gum or buy the guy a Costco-sized pack of gum. Or green tea. The latter will be beneficial in a lot of ways.
07/27, 15:47:56

Oh you mean like
volunteer my pecker and make it available to every pigslutt than tramps her whoretrap near it?
07/27, 15:40:06

Do something positive for yourself and the world. Volunteer.
07/27, 14:56:02

you are completely wrong if you
think the orangutan is just like a normal bad guy...him and his people really want to change our government and they are doing it. He is changing our democracy and his example is Putin. Putin murders the press. You can not set back and do nothing. It will be like 1938 Germany all over again. Don't be lazy where our freedoms are concerned. Wake up.

07/27, 14:33:41

what the fck?
Lindsay Graham is a little bitch, rather than keep Obamacare and fixx it, he said himself, he would rather fck his people and vote for a messs, than fixx Obamacare. The same with McCain. Simply because they hattte a blackkk man and are racist pigggs, they will fckover their constituents.

07/27, 14:27:47

Nobody likes trump
Nobody wants occupy their mind with him. I survived other bad presidents. I will survive the orange ape too. Nobody gives a shit what Keanu Reeves does either. His butthole is his butthole, if he likes it up in the ass, his business.
07/27, 14:23:15

there was a guy on twitter
who said he was at a party and many guys had marinated keanu's asses.

I don't think the conversation was even about keanu but I guess it was about the guy and his friends...he was seemingly jovial about the whole situation.

Dennis Cooper writes in his novel, Frisk about him and his friend having henry/keanu after henry was so loaded he could not move. That was probably fiction, or maybe not.

07/27, 14:19:44

where do you get this information?
07/27, 14:07:05

a train
not a grain.

07/27, 14:03:26

yeah, if I can believe
what I have read keanu has been part of a grain...probably because he was too drunk or loaded to know it.

07/27, 14:02:41

President Trump is
Putin's butt boy and I hope that Putin will eventually screw him and screw him good.

Trump is a rackateer, a money launderer, a criminal. He is a piece of filth in the White House. He has no ethics and he is destroying our country. Just as Venesuala (sp) is under siege by a corrupt government, so are we.

07/27, 14:00:10

When he dies
The remaining piggys will undoubtedly throw themselves off a high cliff, lemming style.
07/27, 13:59:21

He likes to orgy
so they do the choo choo train.
07/27, 13:57:52

He probably
Can't even get it up the way he smokes a d drinks.
07/27, 13:55:21

can we be honest?
We know that keanu is actually a bottom. That is his choice but maybe he is versatile?

07/27, 13:53:25

if you have not called your
Senator today, you have not done your duty.

07/27, 13:50:42

if you have not called your
Senator today, you have not done your duty.

07/27, 13:50:42

that slutwiener in my butt is going to have a snap.
07/27, 13:50:31

I won't stop
shutting up about how Keanu is a peeping tom.
07/27, 13:48:26

Just shit
It out repeatedly and that would be interesting.
07/27, 13:48:01

I am not shutting up
about thevreal keanu and the creepy troll is not shutting up either but I think the creepy fck should be dead.

07/27, 13:47:15

If a dickkk finds its
way into my assshole, it's going to get pinched.
07/27, 13:45:12

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