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I Agree!

We are all one community what happens to one of us does affect us all.
06/22, 15:41:30
06/22, 16:01:48

Everyone needs to take responsibility for
themselves. Doing that sometimes entails receiving help from agencies and community outreach programs when needed. Giving a hand up to someone in need isn't making them more dependent it opens doors for other opportunities for them.

We are all one community what happens to one of us does affect us all.
06/22, 15:41:30

that was suppose
to be white people in rural areas are on welfare...no jobs in the rural south.

06/22, 15:25:36

First, most ehute people
in rural communities are on welfare. Secondly most ill, both mental and physicallly ill people are in welfare. Second, just because you want to work, dos not mean anyone will hire you. Another thing, I am of average intelligence, think of all the people out there who are not bright enough to hang onto a job.

06/22, 15:23:32

Reagan never wanted to give anything to the poor
so he had a study done. The poor who got help, actually needed that help and more. Reagan's own study.

When I was a kid, we were starving but finally my Daddd went a way, so we were allowed to get help for a year...by the end of that year, my Mother had somehow managed with an older sisters help, to save enough money to move to Chicago and my Mom could find a job...there were jobs and rent was cheap enough that we could live in a safe neighborhood. Anyway, we had no government aid except for one year.

So as usual, assshole, you are wrong.

06/22, 15:17:25

I have tears
with all this truth and honestly spewed out today. Touching, really touching.
06/22, 15:09:29

Sarah Huckabee Sanders
always comes to work looking like a bedraggle housewife...so naturally she can not go before the cameras.

The comics are going to have a fun time tonight.

06/22, 15:08:13

What? 😂 Oh Ardith
06/22, 15:00:40

Mod cont to delete


06/22, 14:59:31

Keanu sitting
Astride* his custom made motorcycle
Geez who writes for the Daily Mail?
06/22, 14:58:30

There are a lot
of factors that go into train wrecks and the left pretends to know what they are. The right just doesn't give a fuckk but at least they don't pretend to.
06/22, 14:53:10

When you leftists win truth,
you win all truth, no cherry picking on truth.
06/22, 14:48:42

The thing is the disadvantaged
became that way because they were most likely knocked down in many opportunities. Then it depends on their psychological makeup and are they able to take the hard knocks and bounce back.
Some people can't and that's what we see on the news and street.
People getting into drugs and alcohol abuse. You can't have a good steady job when your brain is a wreck.
06/22, 14:48:39

Well truth,
you really do know your shit.
06/22, 14:46:39

I saw a funny and the caption was
under the picture of planet earth -

The insane asylum of the Galaxy.

06/22, 14:44:10

Lol why
06/22, 14:35:05

well ardith
The truth is, the more you give to the poor, the less they do for themselves and the more dependent they become. You cannot lift them up, they'll immediately squirt out several babies and become needier than ever, and by the way, Muslims want to kill you because you're an infidel, not for anything you've done to them. And inner-city Blacks have more encounters with police because they commit more crimes. They make excuses for themselves about poverty but the truth is, they do it because they hate our society. We've taught them to hate, not by slavery, which was long ago, but by constantly assuring them that they are still victims.

There. Truth is usually unpleasant.
06/22, 14:33:26

I really
wish I had a hamburger and a chocolate shake.

06/22, 14:25:28

god, you guys
are so damn stupid...probably all virgins.

06/22, 14:22:23

Think Keanu is
Back with Autumn. Just a hunch. No trolling just a hunch
06/22, 14:08:58

Wow that was fast
06/22, 14:02:54

keanu would have never made
Death Becomes Her. I love it. It is a great film.

06/22, 14:01:48

keanu is one of Geffens successful
coornhoole stories...Mrs. Patrick Campbell

06/22, 13:57:16

us lefties
will win the TRUTH war...the truth is on our side. Trump does not open his mooouth, unless he is lyiiing. His liiies will eventually come back to biiitte him. When he said he could shoooot someone in Times Square and still be elected, it was true because his followers have absolutely no morals. But we are a country of laws and hopefully good over evil. We will see.

06/22, 13:55:11

You can't enter the dream until
the dream enters you .. a seed grows into a tomato...uh huh - I see where that's going...lol
06/22, 13:30:39

What does the camouflage
pattern look like, your Face!
06/22, 12:25:33

Keanu is
already in NYC
06/22, 12:18:00

And that's what
makes us feel like we're doing something for the greater good of society. We are social justice warriors and we will make shit up just to start a fire.
06/22, 12:17:44

Put a ear of buttered
CornCornholeO in in buttholeeO.
06/22, 12:17:41

is back again and again...
06/22, 12:17:32

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