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Shitt in his eye.
08/20, 06:13:08

What's wrong with Gary Busey's left eye?
was he in some kind of accident?
08/20, 04:07:23

savanne to Guess its
... true... if someone has Paranoia .. take your meds and See the doctor... .. no one is watching or stalking you... face the truth.. he does not even know you exist...
08/20, 03:30:17

I am too
tired now. Maybe by tomorrow you will have put it together.
08/20, 01:30:04

I'm not
trying to hurt you. I don't want to discuss this here and I know you don't want me to either. You know where I am.
08/20, 01:27:02

silent. Same as last time.
08/20, 01:24:46

Figure out the meeting place
Yes. I told him on this board. 2 clues.
08/20, 01:19:28

I can give you tips
to avoid this in the future. I have no desire to screw you over or hurt you in any way.
08/20, 01:18:28

08/20, 01:05:53
What? he has to 'figure it out'? Okay, now it sounds as if the entire 'play' is in your head.

You 'told him' (I thought you had no direct contact? how did you tell him?) and he's also got to 'figure it out? LMAO

You have some play going on in your head
08/20, 01:18:19

Z. I will be there.
08/20, 01:08:38

Direct contact
is unfortunately impossible here. That's why I told him the meeting place. If he thinks hard enough he will figure out where it is.
08/20, 01:05:53

You might want
to try direct contact. Works better than online games.
08/20, 01:03:44

That's for me
and one other person to know.
08/20, 01:01:31

Or don't
That's fine.
08/20, 00:59:48

That song
You make me feel like dancing by Sayer, I always hated.
08/20, 00:55:16

Go to the place
that feels too private.
08/20, 00:54:41

You know where I am
come talk to me and I'll tell you how I figured it out
08/20, 00:52:47

Just call me Alice then
Only look at the tag on the bottle
Never the bottom
Everyone drinks to forget
Then remembers it doesn't help
08/20, 00:51:14

I always hated
Leo Sayer and Christopher Cross. Major dorks of the business.
08/20, 00:50:24

"maybe the message at the bottom of the bottle is 'don't drink so much next time.'"
08/20, 00:47:09

I had a brain fart
I knew the term edgelord but blanked
Guess my nihilistic side appears when I drink
08/20, 00:45:49

Ardy do you watch Game of Thrones?
Meat pies reminded me
08/20, 00:37:55

How anyone
can look at themselves in the mirror knowing they are the type of person who tells someone else to kill themselves is beyond me.
08/20, 00:35:17

Calm down, edgelord.
08/20, 00:33:34

Reeves has too much to live for
Unlike Maniac
Or unlike me
Death can sometimes be a welcome gift
To the broken
08/20, 00:32:44

I'm not him
but telling anyone to kill themselves is fcking sick and repulsive. That's something you just don't do. I like Keanu, that's why I'm fcking here on this stupid website with your idiotic assss, and I can handle all the other sht you say, but this, no. It's not okay.
08/20, 00:31:33

See Saw |
08/20, 00:31:00

musical theater.
08/20, 00:30:06

There are reasons why in the past I was nice to her.
08/20, 00:29:44

So is Sweeney Todd
opera or musical theater.

08/20, 00:29:38

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