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Kevin Costner still
makes some good movies...movies I can relate too. I can't relate to Keanu's movies.

05/24, 00:42:10

kevin Costner made a movie
where he was 50 plus banging, it was a good movie too.

05/24, 00:37:54

My heart beats out of my chest
and everything goes quiet. Difficulty breathing.
05/23, 22:42:39

I'm trying to discuss how liberal minded hollywood perpetuates this white elitist ideology. Get fucking real already one percenters.
05/23, 22:40:53

I hold my breath
That's another thing I find contrary to conventional behavior or that portrayed in films/tv. I've been in several incidents where I feared for my life and I've been in dangerous situations. I recall that my foremost reaction when I have fully absorbed the situation is I was like perpetually gasping (that sucking in of breath) and not that hyperventilating I see (man, when I think of Sandra Bullock's performance in Gravity it could be summed up as hyperventiliating and a lot of "aaaah....aaah"; it was very annoying).

Are you my evil twin, Ardith?
05/23, 22:38:20

I don't live in some fantasy
bullshit pc land like the rest of you do.
05/23, 22:37:36

I'm not jaded,
I'm being honest and realistic. Something white folks with their noses stuck so far up an actor's ass don't understand.
05/23, 22:36:20

You know
the other person here posting right now, sounds like a pretty sad, bitter sack of poo. Lighten up love and stop being so jaded about Keanu and anyone else on this board.
05/23, 22:31:57

To Equal amounts
it's not that hard to guesstimate this. Where did anyone come up with the statistics that all men look good in their 50's and all women don't?
05/23, 22:30:40

How cocky of you
and how cocky of a prick Keanu is to be forcing his wrinkled up dickkk on the youth of the world.
05/23, 22:22:28

Equal amounts?
Really? How did you manage to come up with those statistics?
05/23, 22:20:43

And don't tell me
Keanu looks 30 something. B to the fucking S.
05/23, 22:05:45

No one wants
to see 50 plus actors banging in movies. That was the original point. Hollywood doesn't allow it with women, they shouldn't allow it with men either.
05/23, 22:04:27

to Shut Up
I've never read a more inaccurate and ignorant post in all my life. I think an equal amount of men and women look bad and sag when they are in their 50's. There are also an equal amount of women and men who do look good and take care of themselves. Basically as Keanu says, 'it's in the genes'.
05/23, 21:56:56

Black people know what to do | url
05/23, 21:47:05

You would have no idea how you'd respond especially as a young teen. Maybe just once shut your I know all ignorant mouth and stop judging others, Ardith!!!
05/23, 21:46:33

I admit it bothered
Me that all those little girls were in danger but it also bothered me that their hysteria was putting them in danger. I admit I never understood screaming. When something goes wrong in my world I hold my is hard for me to get a scream out. Screaming snd panic has never been my problem. If I saw body parts flying around in front of me, who knows?

05/23, 21:33:57

something dumbbell Trump dies not understand
Or his followers.
05/23, 17:07:15

05/23, 16:32:18
Well what do you expect when the writers and studio heads are mostly of a narrow demo?
05/23, 16:43:05

Symptoms are Disagreeing with Liberals
Take off your blinders. Not only liberals are questioning Trump's sanity. So are many yes, CONSERVATIVES - even those who know him very well.

I guess Reagan was just acting like he had alzeheimer's.
05/23, 16:41:14

It is full
of itself and cliches just like the people that inhabit it.
05/23, 16:39:05

They really do cater
to the elitist stereotypes and try to inject that mentality into the common people.
05/23, 16:36:25

many girls and woman scream when they are frightened
That's so funny (in a coincidental way). I was thinking the same when I watched the video clips with the females screaming like banshees.

Curiously, I was in midst of a gunfire with rapid pops (wasn't sure they were firecracker or simply I was too chilled to react). What I found interesting was how atypical we were at the location where the gunfire was directed (thankfully nobody was hit). All of us didn't react until the gunfire ended and then some. And then some of the people (there were likely less than 25 of us in this public place) started running from the scene while I and the other female across from me was still doing our business (i.e. pumping gas) like it was just another 4th of July but we weren't even watching the display in the sky.

There wasn't any of the screaming hysteria that was at the arena. That kind of reaction can get people killed from the stampede.

I know it's hard to control one's reactions in those situations so I certainly wouldn't fault anyone. But that hysterical screaming (typically after the fact of the bomb exploding) is definitely contrary to me and anyone I know. I don't even shriek.

Ah well, these are dangerous times. People can't even go into venues without the fear that it might end up a terrorism attack or some lunatic with loads of guns and bullets will unload
05/23, 16:33:08

It's like the male actors
give a big FU to their female peers perpetuating the stereotypes. But then again, every stereotype in hollywood is recycled news.
05/23, 16:32:18

Men over 50 in sex scenes are like used up
aging hookers that are trying to get all the use out of whatever scraps of pusssy they have left.
05/23, 16:30:45

That's what hollywood
wants you to believe and also because they deal with white people.
05/23, 16:28:57

Shut up
Men look better over 50 than women do. Women are saggy , their asses flat and tits fallen. Their faces are wrinkled. Men look good over 50.
05/23, 16:25:07

I gather audiences don't want to see
people over 50 porking out. If they do tolerate it with men, and I don't even think that many, why not women over 50? Arrogance, that's why.
05/23, 16:18:38

throwing another
tantrum like a 4 year old again, Ard?

my god you are so bitter.
05/23, 16:07:44

I don't care
I was simply contributing to the conversation. I honestly don't care one way or the other about him. He is just an actor who I researched and know a lot about him, so I contribute, if I can. He seems like a pretty flawed human being. Probably because he can't come out of the closet...biiigg asssshole. 52 and still can't come out if the closet, major asssshole.

05/23, 15:54:03

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